cleaning a Kooba?

  1. Oh no hon!!! Did you not want to file a SNAD before trying to clean it? I've never used AppleGuard...only LMB and Wilson's so I don't know AG affects a bag it fully dried? I know with LMB (which is non-darkening) it may look darker for a moment but then it dries. Same with Wilsons.

    Can you post a pic so we can see what you mean and hopefully have suggestions?
  2. Thanks so much for helping KoobaMe... I didn't think to file a SNAD since she DID say the leather was darkened but the pictures in the auction were really small and she seemed to be a reputable seller. Do you think a SNAD is warranted? The thing that gets me is that she says the bag was "gently worn" when it's kind of obvious it's been really beat for the leather to darkened and splotch like this. I'm so devastated, I've been waiting forever for a Mattie in Stone and now this happens! I should have just forked over the extra $100 to get a new one :crybaby:

    I posted some pictures. The first two are of the front flaps, they were already darker than the rest of the bag but when I put Applecleaner on it just turned darker while getting rid of the stains. The same with the third picture, which is the bottom front of the bag. It was discolored and darker than the rest of the bag so I rubbed some Apple Cleaner and the same thing happened as with the flap. The third is a flap from the back with a stain that won't come out.

    I did this all last night PRAYING the leather would lighten in the morning but nope, still the same shade. I don't know what to do! My Wilson TLC comes on Tuesday so I'm going to try that but I'm also thinking of purchasing LMB cleaner. But is there a product that'll help even out the color while cleaning? I don't mind a darker bag as long as it's all the same shade...

    Even the inside leather is all dirty and black! If the leather darkens because of sunlight, why would the leather INSIDE the bag turn black? The more I look at it the more upset I get. I wasn't going to leave her negative feedback but I don't know now, it really seems shady to ship this bag out in this condition.

    I'm going to put this bag in a box so I don't have to look at it anymore, haha

    IMG_2679.JPG IMG_2682.JPG IMG_2683.JPG IMG_2687.JPG
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    Hi: I think a SNAD *was* warranted. I don't know that you can do anything about that now since you've tried to clean it. Whether or not she said it was darkened, it still arrived dirty and I would have not accepted that.

    I have no idea if the LMB will even out the color - as it is the brown Matties, Isabellas, Jaylins and Jacindas are made to have a 'mottled' look, meaning they have variations. I don't believe they were meant to have a uniform look like the black ones but I'm not sure that was the case with the stone versions. Based on what you've said and what the seller stated it seems as though the stone bags have the same problems the slate Lenas and its sister bags had....color changing over time.

    Before you do anything else I would contact Barbara at LMB and ask her opinion on the use of her products and whether or not they will help even out the color. I found the auction and looked at it...but her pics are so yellowy its hard to tell what it actually looked like and there are no good close ups of the leather.
  4. Thanks KoobaMe, I really feel idiotic for trying to clean the bag instead of doing a SNAD or sending it back. I'm still debating whether to leave her negative feedback, or what to do in the eBay situation. I messaged her saying I was really disappointed about the bag but she never got back to me. I don't know if I should message her again or what I should ask for (a return probably wouldn't work now so a partial refund if I keep the bag? I don't know...)

    I'll e-mail Barbara and hopefully she can help me. I'm so angry at myself! ARGH!
  5. When did you message her? Give her a day or two to respond before you try again (unless it's already been days). Let us know what Barbara says! Good luck hon! Don't beat yourself up...just take it as a lesson learned! :smile:
  6. Yes, there are no such things as mistakes, only lessons. Hahah except I made a mistake :s

    So I was thinking about it and depending on the cost I might just send the bag to LMB to get it cleaned. I'm going to see what Barbara says and try the LMB cleaner when it arrives, but if it looks like too much work for an amateur then it might be better to get it professionally done. The leather is still good, no rips or tears, just dirty and discolored that hopefully a thorough professional job can get decently clean.

    Considering I got it for $200, if I can get it cleaned for ~$75 then it's still a pretty decent deal. Or deal enough that I can live with...

    I'll update with what Barbara says!
  7. So Barbara e-mailed me back today and just asked me to send her picture, we'll see what she suggests after the images.

    But most importantly, she told me that Apple cleaner was originally for auto leather and is too harsh for handbags. So please proceed with caution for anyone thinking of Apple cleaner for your bags! I know it has a good rep on the boards but it isn't suppose to be used on delicate handbag leather
  8. I went through this same scenario with a Gustto Baca.

    My advice to you is STOP trying to clean it. You cannot get it to look better, only worse.

    It is time for the professionals to do their work, Barb at LMB can handle this. Applying more product is only going to make the problem worse.

    Been there, done that.
  9. Thanks for the tip ladysalesrep195, I stopped thinking I could fix it myself and just sent it into LMB. I really hope it's not too expensive....

    Lesson lesson lesson LEARNED.
  10. i had a light/beige colored kooba and within one month it developped tan lines due to the sun and I had really used it gently. it was so obvious that it looked funny. i called kooba cust service, they said they had never heard of it before but would replace the bag if it was a defect. i sent the bag back for them to check out and they sent me a new one.

    when i got the new one, i opened all buckles and used it that way for a few months, and this one darkened too, but now its even throughout and i don't mind the darker color i actually like it better.

    so, the blotchiness you are seeing could have happened in a very short time, i think it is a kooba defect... but of course that doesnt explain the stains and the dirty inside. hope it all worked out for you.
  11. This fading and weird looking blotches seem to be a problem within the past two years (other than the Slate models which were produced earlier.) The biggest offenders are the Buff , Lavendar and Stone leathers featured in the Jaylin, Isabella and Mattie.

    I've seen some horrendous Blue and Red Elisha models listed on eBay also. I'd love to see Kooba replace all these bags that sellers are stuck with. Talk about a blow to your profit margin!
  12. Hiya:

    I've requested info on cleaning a Kooba with the original cognac leather, which while gorgeous does tend to scratch if not treated well. This usually adds to the 'broken in' look as the patina develops but mine has a few scratches that are more than what I'd like to see. Plus, there are a couple of areas that are suffering from color transfer from rubbing against denim.

    For anyone interested, I'll share the response here once I hear back from Ada. It will be great to have info on Kooba cleaning right from the source! ;)
  13. Yes! Great! Thank you!
  14. Sorry ladies if something similar is posted, I did a search and didn't find anything specific about kooba cleaning. I remember seeing a thread about it a while back, saying that kooba leather is a bit specific.

    I've got a great yellow kooba bag and it's not offensively yellow, but very pleasant. I was so excited when I got it that I didn't spray it/protect it, and now the bottom is rather grungy. Is there somewhere I can send it to save my beauty? Or is yellow a doomed color?
  15. I'd try some loving my bags cleaner. Alot of us use Lovinmybags products and like them. Depending on how bad the soiling is I guess and what kind of soiling. Grease is set. Water stains are hard to get out but if it's just dirt, the cleanser may help.