cleaning a juicy bag gone wrong. help!

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  1. So I just bought this pink juicy bag 2 weeks ago and i went to the mall yesterday and found a whole bunch of stains that i don't even know how they got there. When i got home i decided to clean it but the thing that i didn't know was that u weren't suppose to rub the stain in. It doesn't look terrible but It's still not the same so does anyone know if I can fix this and if so how??? please help. and thank you!!
  2. What material is it?
    Send it to the dry cleaners, its the best option!
    Don't try hand-washing it! I've tried that but it makes it worse (if you're not good @ it lol)
    I have a couple of terry/velour juicy bags and they get dirty quick!
  3. Maybe if you posted a pic more people could help you =)
  4. Yes they do! My terry is horrible (probibly b/c i used it as a back pack last year, but they do get dirty =p
  5. its velour/terrry and yes i found out the hard way it gets dirty VERY fast. i absolutly hate it now and from now on if i decide to buy from juicy it's never going to be pink. I hate how i spent so much on it just to see it ruined within 2 weeks =(
  6. ^I know!
    I swear, I took a brand new one (obviously clean lol) to school like a couple of months ago and within 30 mins it was super dirty. People were even pointing it out!
  7. I agree! The pink especially dirty up quick! Now, I only use my tote for airport/travel/beach... its too dirty for anything else.
  8. Do you mean the stain didn't go away or that the material now looks different?

    Because if it's the second, the same thing happened to me with a pink terrycloth bag.
    I tried cleaning it with warm water and a very soft children's toothbrush but while the bag is now clean, the material never looked the same again, even after it dried... I don't know how to discribe it, maybe like a very old and used towel, when it was supposed to look a fluffy and soft?
    Anyway, I used all kinds of things, from a blow dryer to "combing" it with a brush... nothing helped :sad:

    Have you tried contacting Juicy? I found their customer service to be very helpful :yes:
  9. I know what you mean!
    The material looks all worn out and weird. Like an old old towel.
    I did that to one of my bags and it looks bad!
  10. ^Exactly, like a shabby old fake made of some left over towels :sick:

    Does the same thing happen with velour? It's weird because I wash my terry and velour clothes all the time (now it would be a bit sick if I didn't do that, right?!) and they never look like as bad as that bag...?
  11. yea thats exactly how it looks! its not as bad as it could be but the material is like white now like faded and you can still tell if you look really good. no i havnen't tried customer service. i figured they'd tell me theres nothing they could do for me.
  12. does anyone else have any suggestions? and thank you all who gave advice! really appreciate it!
  13. Well, you can still try a dry cleaner, but I took my purse to one right after it happend and they said they would never clean bags, no matter what they are made of... but maybe if you find a really good one they can do something about it! Good luck with it! :smile:
  14. well i have to go right now but i'll be back. and again thanks for all the responses! =)
  15. If you really really love this bag, you can see if a place online that specializes in handbags will take care of it for you, like maybe I'm not sure if they will since usually they do leather, but maybe it's worth a try.

    I personally have never called the 800 number for JC, but I've found the SAs in the retail store locations to be terribly unhelpful. We have a juicy dog carrier and I asked them for help and got basically nothing. Luckily, it's supposed to look dirty-ish, being a dog carrier, and it's red and blue, so it's harder to spot.