cleaning a gaucho?

  1. i have a cream gaucho which i adore but which now has a few scuff marks on it.

    it's funny, when i first got it i took it out and it rained, i wrapped it up in my daughters ponch and stuffed it under her pushchair so it wouldn't get wet!!!:lol::lol:

    but now i use it everyday and it's starting to show!!!!! help!!
  2. hi hunny the only and good product to clean the gauchos in order not to remove the wax finish on the leather and possibly ruin it are baby wonders for mine!
  3. plenty of them at home!! any idea why hardly have any gauchos now? i've been promised a new one, but they hardly have any!!!
  4. Call Dior and ask them what they recommend. Last time I was there they gave me a bottle of cleaner for my saddle bag, but she told me NOT to use it on my gaucho because it will absorb due to the nature of the leather.

    They could probably send you something or if you have a store close just pop in. They've never charged me for that stuff. :tup:

  5. i think they have moved on to fresher styles....b^*&%^$^ds...:rolleyes:
  6. Thanks for the tip nat! ;) :heart:
  7. ur welcome m`zelle ! :heart: