cleaning a fabric Guess Quattro G satchel

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  1. I'm new here by the way. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean this purse? There is no stain as such, it is just body oil on the fabric outside and a lot inside the silk lining.
  2. Did you attach a picture? I don't see it!!! And welcome:biggrin:
  3. No I didn't attach a picture. I don't have a picture of it, sorry.
  4. Hummm.. what kind of fabric is it?
  5. Try a reputable shoe repair place or dry cleaner.
  6. Oh, speaking of cleaning a bag... my Burberry barrel bag is kinda sticky and nasty from being rained on, sweated on, with sunblock stain plus insect repellant. I know this sounds nasty but I took this bag to Asia with me for a month and this is what happens to it. =( I heard there are special handbag dry-cleaning stores we can go to? Or does anyone have any tip on how to clean my bag too? Thank you. =)
  7. Is your like this? bag.jpg

    I usually use a very soft tooth brush with water to clean it.

    Hope this help.
  8. I use a old soft t-shirt with water & mild soap...
  9. No, mine is this one. :lol:
  10. Ok, I'll try cleaning it with mild soap. Thanks girls!!
  11. I'm going to try the same thing on mine.
  12. will mild soap and water be effective for all kinds of satchel bags? mine isn't made of real leather. the stain in it is caused by sweat

    thanks! :smile:
  13. Hi, I'm new here, and new to purses. :P But I have a Guess handbag thats half fabric and half croc style pleather? I am afraid to wash it, but have no idea how to clean it. No stains or smells, just the grungy oils from usage and whatnot. Any suggestions, or do I just take it to a dry cleaner? Never done this before. My old cheap bags just get thrown out at this point, but are usually tore up by now too. Help? Thanks
  14. Try just throwing it in the washer on delicate setting with a little Woolite. Can't hurt, and could probably help! Don't put it in the dryer, though - :biggrin:
  15. I second, indiaink. When I need to clean nylon and not real leather bags, I just toss them in the washer. It works great!