Cleaning a cloth fendi

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  1. Hi! I bought this bag a couple of months ago but haven’t used it because it was so dirty. Tried to use lightly clean it with water and some mild soap but didn’t help much. Does someone know how I could clean it? Or do you think it’s imposible? IMG_0765.JPG
    IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0767.JPG
    Sorry for the bad pics, I’m at the office with really bad lightning
  2. Hi Andy1612! Have you checked out the Coach rehab thread? If not I highly recommend it- they've tons of tips for cleaning all kinds of bags (including cloth ones). Bags can handle a lot more washing than you'd think they would!

    Here's a link to one section of the thread that mentions cloth bags: The other pages discussing cloth can be pulled up with a forum search. :smile:

    Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you so much!!!
  4. You're very welcome! Be sure to let us know how it turns out :smile:
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