Cleaners saved my Prada!! Check it out!

  1. If you EVER need a saviour when it comes to cleaning your 'oh so uber expensive' hand bag then I highly reccomend a place called Margaret's Cleaners in California:

    I made the worst mistake and sent my white Prada purse to the local drycleaners and they ruined it!! The place was even reccomended by Prada themself. I will never listen to them again.

    I did some research on the web and discovered Maraget's. I shipped them my bag to see if they could restore it and low and behold they performed a miracle. I couldn't believe my eyes when they sent it back to me. It looked exactly like when I first laid eyes on it in Paris!!

    Go to them if you need a good purse cleaning, they will not dissapoint!!! Take a look for yourself at the before and after Pics below!

    ~ Happy Gal in Toronto
    bottom+corner+.JPG SavedPrada2.JPG
  2. yay!
  3. Wow, what a difference! Maybe I won't be afraid of using my white bag now.
  4. wow thanks for the tips
  5. So glad that they were able to help you!!

    Sending expensive things to the cleaners is always a big risk! Did you contact Prada after the first cleaners (that they recommended!) messed up your bag?
  6. Doesn't anyone else think that it's weird that this is her first post and that it also contains a link to this dry cleaning service?

  7. :yes: was going to say that. but hey-maybe not!
  8. I noticed that too. Not to be mean or rude but that's kind of strange. And the bag is white too, the worst case scenario type of bag to get messed up...
  9. no offense - but in my opinion the pictures are not clear enough for me to judge how good the cleaners are... all I see is a tiny picture of a bag corner - and then another small picture of the girl holding her bag - I don't even know if they belong to the same bag...

    torontogal - where did u go to clean your bag the first time? I'm from TO too...
  10. Hmmm....only 1 post, and a link to the cleaners?
  11. ^agreed.... curious
  12. I noticed something else interesting. If you go to the website she listed and click on a "purse blog" link at the bottom of the page, it takes you to a blog that has this very story and pics. Margaret's is using this story to promote their service obviously.
  13. To all of those who replied to my post:

    1) No, I definitely do NOT work for/promote Margaret's Cleaners! Seriously, I have been an avid internet purse blog surfer (whatever you want to call ourselves), seeing as I love a great purse tip, and thought I would finally post something to help out others who love purses as much as me, especially with the spring/summer season here, white bags are totally hott right now!

    2) The cleaners that ruined my bag in Toronto in the first place were called London Cleaners (On Mt. Pleasant, in between Davisville and Eglinton). They are no longer in business, surprise surprise! And please feel free to investigate if you dont believe me!

    3) I was in touch with Prada in Toronto after the fact and they still wouldn't help me because I bought the bag in Paris (which I believe is bull**** because they obviously have international travellers who need help all the time, they probably wouldn't help me because my bag wasnt as expensive as most of their products.)

    BUT regardless I am extremely happy with the outcome.

    Honestly, Margaret's Cleaners did a great job so I thought I would spread the word. I am just trying to HELP out others in my situation! Please don't disrespect, share the good tips!! :heart:

  14. It must have cost you a fortune to ship your bag from Toronto to California & then back, did you pay customs?
  15. torontogal:
    The website to which you linked indicates that the purse was purchased in Italy. Yet you say you bought it in Paris, France.

    This looks very much like an ad.