Cleaned my fish tank today!

  1. Just wanted to show off what took me TWO hours to clean!!:wtf:

    It's a 50 Gallon tank with American Cichlid's as well as African Cichlid's.


    2 Male Convicts



    2 Male and Female Firemouths


    Female Jack Dempsey


    A Male Yellow Lab


    And my Pleco (algae eater)

  2. Very nice! I love fish tanks. :smile:
  3. Pretty! I'm getting a Betta next week, but that's as far as I'm going for fish, at least for awhile!
  4. Yeah they don't require much daily work or supervision but when it comes to cleaning the tank and making sure everything is in order..water PH levels and what not it can be a pain! But i find it very rewarding afterwards i love just watching them it's very relaxing.
  5. Don't mean to be a bore and your tank is very nice but do you realise you shouldn't keep malawi's with american cichlids? they water requirements are virtually the opposite of each other
  6. You did a fantastic cleaning job!

    We used to have a 50 gallon fish tank with Ciclids as well. They are by far my favorite. Unfortunately, we upgraded to a 60 gallon and within 2 hours of having it set up it exploded. :wtf:

    Needless to say we no longer have a fishtank to speak of. But, we do have a nice new bookcase! :lol:
  7. Love fish tanks!

    Although I am really weird--my fave fish are goldfish!

    LOL SO and I have a big tank full of feeder fish that we rescue from PetsMart...they have all grown HUGE and have gotten very long, beautiful fins!

    We even have one that was born with a missing eye that we named 'Wink'. :smile:
  8. Cichlids are great - I have 4 beautiful Parrot Cichlids. Do yours move the gravel around when they get upset?
  9. It's ok VON. The only one who is "out of place" is my yellow lab. He's the only African Malawi that i own the rest are from Central and South America. And his water needs and food needs are not too far off from that of the Americans. They have all been together going on 3 years now and i have no problems with them whatsoever! Thanks for the concern though!
  10. They move the gravel around often! Only because cichlids are notorious of "building their own surroundings" it's annoying when they bring up the plants lol.
  11. looks great! your hard work pays off! i wish i saw a before shot...i'm pretty sure it wasn't that bad. fish tanks usually take forever to clean, especially if it's as big as yours! you should do a shot of the plants floating up for fun! he he he
  12. It was kinda bad :shame: lol I ran out of filters and with work and all it took me awhile to get the time to go out and get new ones....i felt HORRIBLE. But i did do 25% water changes so the water was not green or anything but pretty bad for how i usually keep it! And i will TOTALLY take pictures of when they eff things up! lol We'll see how long it goes...i tried smashing the plants in between rocks but i know they will manage to set them free somehow. My fish are crazy with such funny little personalities. Once my yellow lab somehow managed to swim up into the filter! I heard some flapping noise and i lifted the top of where the filtration is and he was swimming around in there! I freaked! Luckily im a tad bit OCD and run a quick head count when i feed them everyday!

  13. OMG! What happened!? That's too bad! hahaha....
  14. You have some very pretty and colorful fish!! I love sitting and watching fish swim around.
  15. Manufacturers defect. The pet store ended up reimbursing us for everything. Including the water removal and carpet cleaning. Luckily we were there when it happened and managed a good amount of damage control. Pretty much the front of the tank popped open and the water began pouring out. While we were sitting on the couch exhausted from deassembling and cleaning the first tank and assembling the new one we heard this loud POP and then the waterfall. It's probably for the best since we ended up putting a pool table in that room. The idea of a wild pool ball is just too much.