Clean water for everyone

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  1. Good afternoon ladies,

    I think it is so important that we help those less fortunate. UNICEF has a program that helps provide clean water to children in need. The program cost you nothing to help and is so easy as well as self rewarding. I'll leave the link below so you are all able to check it out. Let's help while we can because at any given time we could be the ones needing the help.

    Please take the time to see how you can help a child,
  2. I've been using this on my phone for the past month or so! It's such a lovely idea. Sometimes I think it's a bit sad that some need to be "challenged" to not touch their phone for an extended period of time, but whatever works in this day and age to help, I can get behind!
  3. love this idea! definitely would be a challenge for my DH...he's always on his phone :rolleyes:
  4. Such a great idea. I saw this yesterday on Facebook. But couldn't you just leave this on whilst sleeping or something?
  5. I'm pretty sure you could. For me personally, when I use it on my iPhone it really sucks up the battery and my phone gets really hot. Even when it's plugged in, it'll stay at the same battery percentage.

  6. Yes you can leave it on at night while your sleeping.I do it when I'm at work at night since I'm not suppose to use my phone.
  7. a great idea........