Clean up for Birkin?

  1. Hi all, this is the first time for me to post in Hermes thread....I'm always at LV/Chanel forum. I've been buying LV, Chanel mostly, Balenciaga, Gucci, Fendi occasionally. I've always wanted Birkin since I was in high school, but I couldn't justify spending that much for 1 bag. I know it's really silly, I buy tons of $2000+ bags. I think it's time for me to try to get a birkin. We have tiny Hermes section at NM here in Michigan, and closest boutique is Chicago, I've bought a few watches, scarves, and a Garden Party Bag before....but all from different boutiques(NM, Japan, Hawaii, etc) I can't really build a relationship with SA. My SA at LV said she can hook me up with Chicago Hermes SA, which she did before to her other cliente and got her Croc Birkin in 3 months. If I ask her to do it for me, I have to be ready to buy when one pops up for me, and I'm not right now. Other way to go through NM Hermes, but I was told by lovery PFer it's VERY TOUGH to get one from who knows how long I have to wait..(I was told some people are waiting more than 2 years).

    Since I hate that much of wait(2years to forever?), should I go for the route of my LV SA to hook me up with Hermes SA? If I do, I have to sell 3~4 bags from my LV and Chanel Bags now to be ready.......does it worth doing that??
    Part of me knows once I get a Birkin, I probably don't buy all "IT bags" anymore......which should be good for me. But other part of me feel that I still need variety.........

    What are you sweet Hermes ladies opinions???:smile:
  2. Sell them.... you really won't want to carry anything else once you get your H.
  3. My dear...if you have a connection...USE IT!!! Get your funds ready and use that connection by all means.
  4. Ahh.....I still feel shakey by the thought of selling my bags.......but.......
  5. Keep the bags that you simply can't live without (some classics from LV, CHANEL, etc.) and let go the rest.:yes:
  6. Agree. Don't sell all of them.

    If you want to a recommend to a great SA in Chi-town, PM when you are ready. :yes:
  7. Thank you for your help....:smile: There are actually nice SA to a newbie like me???:wtf:
  8. ^ of course they are wonderfully nice!

    I like variety but it sounds like you have a large collection of LV and Chanel. SO, even if you sell off a few to pay for the Birkin, you'd still be able to keep some favorites from other brands.... :smile:
  9. keep the LVs and Chanels.. sell the rest? :yes: i personally still live on a variety of bags.. different bags for different looks and moods! ;)
  10. I guess I'm going to sell the bags I don't use. A lot of them are sitting in my closet forever. I occasionally open each dust bags to see what's in there LOL.
  11. Sell what you can part with and hook up with that Hermes SA as soon as you can!
  12. Sell what you can part with and hook up with that Hermes SA as soon as you can! And please report back when you've got your Birkin.
  13. Yup! :yes:
  14. Thanks!! I sure wil with loads of pics:graucho:
  15. I still keep my Chanels and some IT bags. So sell those that you're not using anymore. :smile:

    Can't wait to hear your good news. :yahoo: