Clean up, aisle Tokidoki!!!

  1. Ok all, I know this has been neglected- but it is time we clean up your sub-forum!!!!

    So please let me know what you think you want for your sub-forum. Browse some of the other forums and check out their set up.

    Do you want a section for shopping? A section for different styles etc (people would need to volunteer to compile this with info they have), etc.

    Please just post in this thread!!

    We also will be looking to add another mod to your sub-forum!! So hang tight!
  2. :yahoo:
  3. Maybe a seperate forum for "show and tell" where people can post pictures of their bags?
  4. Could you please stickied the collections thread? I think we have 5 collection threads so would love to have them in one spot! Thanks!
  5. And maybe a seperate section where people have introduced themselves..
  6. Or maybe all we need is one thread for people to introduce temselves? I mean, really they should have already introduced themselves in the board's intro forum. Maybe we could make an intro thread with a mini questionairre, like name, location, favorite bag styles, favorite prints, etc?
  7. How about:

    1. Reference Library: we could put the threads where everyone posts pictures of only ciaos, only dolces, etc.; picture threads devoted to individual prints; price and sku lists; pictures of us wearing our tokis thread; toki sightings...

    2. Shopping section: lists of vendors/stores with toki, authenticity thread, latest deals/discounts/inventory...
  8. sounds good, panda. :biggrin:
  9. I don't know..but I really don't want THAT much stickies is all. I would hate coming to the page and half of it be I guess I kinda don't want all the collection threads in there...
  10. Maybe just sticky the current one, and archive the rest in the Reference subforum? Or link to them in the most recent thread?
  11. ^That sounds better ^__^ lolz. I just don't want like 20+ stickies because it kind of defeats the purpose haha.
  12. These are some great ideas.

    I agree- too many stickeys causes problems and really makes browsing a pain in the rear.

    We can have a Reference library- with styles and prints.

    We can add a Shopping Section.

    As for the introduce- it would need to be something like suggested above, where you say your name, a little about yourself, and your fav Tokidoki etc. Because we do have an introduction section, we do not need one for each subforum. :yes:
  13. Yeah, I think if we go with the two subforums (maybe more) all that would need to be stickied here would be the Intro thread... maybe forum rules or something, I don';t know! Would the authenticating stuff go in Reference, or Shopping?
  14. Yeah because it's lately like everyone who joins posts to introduce themselves and at the same time post their collections -- if we could keep introductions in one tread and point them over to the current collections thread, it would save a lot of clutter, and people could welcome/interact with new members in the intro thread. (Pus old members can post, too!)
  15. I like how certain reference threads in the LV forums say **PHOTOS ONLY** so that comments don't inflate the size of the thread to 20-billion pages, and you can more easily see pictures that help you make buying decisions.

    So this is my input on reorganizing the toki forum:
    1. Reference Library - stickied links (no posting, though the threads linked to may have new posts) for cleaning/maintenance, price/SKU, returns/warranty; and threads for *PHOTOS ONLY* for each of the different styles and prints as well as collections. There can also be threads for photos of members wearing toki in person.
    2. Shopping - where to buy, authenticate this, fakes, current outlet inventory, etc.
    3. TPF Meets - for planning meet-ups, posting photos of meets. Maybe intros belong here, or can make a separate sub for intros.

    It does get confusing when people post in the sub-forum, say, Reference Library, as opposed in the main forum, but hopefully the titles and the mods keep the posts relevant.