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  1. I have a lot of florals - but i'd like something that smells really clean. Not spicy or sweet - just clean.

    Any recs? :flowers:
  2. this is going to sound dumb...but have you tried the clean brand? they have a nice scent and lots of different variations (baby, linen, cotton, provence, etc)

    i also think philosophy's amazing grace line (especially pure grace) are all very clean smelling.
  3. ^^No I haven't tried that brand. Where is it carried?

  4. God ur beautiful b bag in the avatar got me distracted from what i wanted to say :P
    i would recommend (castelbajac) perfume. it stays on long though if u dont like that feature! :upsidedown:
    edit: whats ur b bag called :rolleyes: ? and which color if i may ask!
  5. Try Heart by Garden Botanika. To me it has kind of a fresh, soapy smell.
  6. Armani Code smells nice , kind of orangey and light .
  7. Thanks for the shout out on my new bag. She's a Balenciaga bag in the City style, in the color: Rouge Vif. I'm so thrilled with her! :heart:

    Okay back to perfume....
  8. I like Gucci Rush, it does kind of provide a nice "rush" of energy when you smell it. I use it sometimes when I'm studying and I need to wake up. It's also not too heavy, IMO.
  9. Pure Grace by Philosophy is a beautiful light clean scent that lasts, its available at Sephora but there are good deals on QVC too.
  10. i love Carolina Herrera Aqua Pour Homme :yes:. it has such a clean, fresh scent, never mind that it's for men :P. i bought it for my boyfriend last Thanksgiving, and now i use it too :lol:!
  11. I love that one and Amazing Grace as well :heart:
  12. i thought of one more: j lo glow. i always thought it smelled like soap...although some people find it really flowery with their chemistry. definately one you'll want to sample before buying a bottle.
  13. ^ I second J Lo Glow.. it definitely smells very clean and fresh. I use it during the summer since most other types of perfumes can be overbearing in the heat.
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