"Clean" for 3.5 Months!!!

  1. I was looking at my time ticker just now and just realized that it has been OVER A QUARTER OF A YEAR that I had made any major Hermes purchase. Holy crap!! I CAN do it after all~~~
  2. Congrats Kou! I've almost made it one month so far... :lol:
  3. Maybe we should have a little contest for those of us who is trying to stay "clean".:yes:
  4. That is great will power kou! You go girl
  5. Thanks Pelinaka! Let's see if I can make it to 4 months!
  6. Yes, you CAN!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
    Well done, Kou!
  7. congrats Kou.. that is quite an achievement....oki, you gotta be strong.. hehe
  8. Thanks Gigi!! Only 2 weeks left til 4 months~~~
  9. Thanks Blu~ You hang in there too!!!:yes:
  10. Congrats, Kou! You are truly an inspiration. My emerald crocodile H-our watch band came in yesterday, so I haven't bought anything in one day ... sigh. Must learn to practice restraint!
  11. Kou, you definitely can do it!!! :rochard: :rochard: :rochard:
  12. Kou, very impressive. Wish I had that kind of self control!
  13. Congratulations Kou! We are proud of you!!!
  14. Good job Kou~I'd start a time ticker for myself but there'd really be no point--I have no self-control, so you really are my hero!
  15. How did you manage for sooooo long?!? You MUST tell us. I'm in the store every week - it's like an addiction. How ca you stand not buying anything or even just going in there to smell the leathers??? Buy something this week!
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