Clean Eating Support Thread

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  1. Hello! I am not sure if this should be in the Kitchen or Health and Fitness, but it is about food and health combined. I already try to eat fairly healthy foods, but I have my wedding coming up, and want to do better in general, so I am going to be making greater efforts to practice clean eating. I do not expect perfection, but would like to eat clean a good 90% of the time, or as much as I am able to. This means no refined sugar, chemicals, preservatives, refined carbs, and so forth.

    I would like to use this thread to post inspiration, motivation, questions, meal plans, meals, recipes, and whatever else is related to clean eating. Pictures are welcome, too! If you'd like to join me, then jump right in! :smile:

    Today, I began with oatmeal to which I added half a banana, chia seeds, raw honey, and almond milk. I had some white tea and a mandarin. For lunch, I had an egg and toast with grass-fed butter and more tea. I also had a small piece of dark chocolate.
  2. Update... Still doing well. Made vegetable soup from scratch and have been experimenting with some cleaner desserts like raw avocado mousse and some refined sugar and flour-free brownies. I still crave sweets, so I will either have something very small like a piece of chocolate, or some walnuts with honey.
  3. I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months just on the Whole Food Plant Base diet. My goal is just to be healthy, not to lose weight at all (too skinny now :facepalm:). I'm trying to eat more plants and much less animals protein/product. Yup and cooking with honey or veg instead of sugar as sweetener now. Very happy with the results so far and my kids are loving it.
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  4. Thats wonderful! Congratulations. How are things going? I am getting ready to do the same....