Cle De Peau

  1. I'm currently using Amore Pacific as my skincare and would like to try Cle de Peau prodcut. Any suggestions?

  2. ^I use the concealer and like it.
  3. I use the concealer, I'm a VERY tough critic of makeup and skincare from working in the industry....AND I'm quite happy with their concealer....I've also tried their La Creme, eye creams, and other various skin care samples they've given me.....Oh, I also love their eyeshadows! I think I prefer their makeup though.....Their skincare is lovely, but, aside from eye cream I'm liking lines like Sonya Dakar and Jurlique right now, they are more natural and pure.....Eye creams though I like Cle De Peau, Natura Bisse (diamond), Sisley, and Revive.....
  4. I have heard many lovely things about that line, but their parent company is Shiseido, so try their products first (a LOT cheaper too in comparison, by the way).
  5. I have started using their concealer and really like it so far!

    Has anyone tried their foundations/powder and other make up? I am currently using Laura Mercier and Chanel but I can't seem to get the perfect look I want. My skin has developed an oily T zone over this year so I am having trouble finding something that works. I use primers and oil control lotions prior to applying make up.
  6. I read in a magazine that Mally Roncal uses the foundation (or used to b4 her own line) the one in the jar....I saw it saturday in Saks and it looked and felt REALLY nice but right now I really love my armani luminous silk foundation, maybe when I run out ill try it
  7. i have their concealer and it is really good but i havent heard that great stuff about their other products compared to the big luxury skincare lines like la prarie, la mer, etc.
  8. I have their eye cream as well as concealer...if they're stuff were cheaper I'd buy the lot!! They're foundations are also very good.
  9. The eye make-up remover is really good and I love the packaging.
  10. I have the concealer and it's one of the best ones I have ever used.
  11. has anyone tried their intensive wrinkle correcting cream? a couple of peoplek had told me it's good but i can't seem to find any review of it on MUA and i'm loathe to plunk down $200+ on something i know next to nothing about :tdown:.
  12. One of my friends SWEARS by their eye balm. I tried it and it burned the outside corners of my eyes all night long even though I just put it under my eyes where it is supposed to go :tdown:
  13. I am so glad to have found this thread - I just plopped down alot of money (at least for me) for the cleanser, toner, creme, and eye balm. I was attracted to their foundation, but like *Lo above, I am using armani luminous foundation and will finish that first. I loved the way my face felt when they applied the products on me and will report back after a week or so. I hope it is all worth it!
  14. Their lipgloss (especially #10) is awesome! But for $47.00 a pop, a bit pricey.