Cle de peau new lipstick for $60 US

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  1. Just received the new NM catalogue with a new lipstick by

    Japanese top line CDP.. the lipstick is $60. Has anyone seen them??:biggrin:
  2. no and I have never liked any CDP colors.
  3. isn't this just Shiseido other line?

  4. Yes, it is.. their "upscale and prohibitively expensive line of

    skincare and color"
  5. $60 for a lipstick is expen$ive for sure - wow
  6. Seems way too pricey for a lipstick. Shu Uemura makes amazing ones for a lot less.
  7. I love CDP. I use the silky lipsticks. They are 50.00. The new ones are full coverage . Really nice. They dont have many shades I like, the silky lipsticks. I like almost every color.
  8. $60 is prohibitive alright and I'm sure it's not like Lancome/L'oreal where I don't see much difference except price. If you try it let us know.

  9. Well today was my CLD lipstick day.. trying on all 8 colors..

    the tones were not right for me but the lipstick junkie that I am

    had to check them out as they just came into the NYC stores

    $60.. is a bit much as they are not outstanding waiting for the

    hew Chnael lipsticks which hit the st:yahoo:ores Feb 25
  10. They've increased their prices a little, their concealer is now $70 or $75 dollars now

  11. Think that many of these cosmetics seem to be out of touch with

    what is going on the economy.. $60 for a lipstick $75 for a concealer.

    Gimme a break..:nuts:
  12. I used their old silky lipstick along with their lip liner in the past, didn't like them at all. The lipstick was very silky and feels good on the lips but it was gone in a snap. The lasting power was too weak, really can't justify the price.
  13. ahh silky lipstiks are now 52 and not 50. still love them for my dry lips.
  14. Wow, 60$? it better do more than just color my lips... how about a botox shot in the container too?

  15. ^ agree with you...or at least a lip plumper:yahoo: