Cle De Peau -- Great foundation!!

  1. Hey Girls,

    I've recently switched my foundation over to cle de peau, its a pretty top line made in Japan and it's really great. For all those Asian girls out there (I'm chinese), I would definately recommend it. Use it over primer (i use smashbox) and it will give you a very smooth and radiant finish. The foundation is also pretty light, which is another thing i like about it

    I think it's only available at select retailers though, I bought mine over here in Canada at $125. I also got the loose powder and it is very fine... available for $128 (the prices might be swapped though)

    And for those caucasian girls, I recommend you try Giogio Armani foundation...i've heard really good things about it (personally my mother has tried it and it wasn't very impressive, but this may only be due to her skin type)