Cle de peau concealer!

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  1. ok thats it .. too many great reviews.. i need to order it
    now what color do i get ??

    what color choices are there? like 3 right? .. i have medium skin color .. what do u gals recommend?
  2. Is it really so great that it justifies the high price?

    I'm headed to France this week, maybe I'll see if it's any less pricey over there.
  3. Where can you buy it?
  4. I've seen it available at Saks.
  5. You know, of all the ridiculously expensive beauty products I've purchased, this concealer has been the only disappointment. Go to Saks and have the MA put some on you and wear it around for a while to see how it works on your skin -- it's too damn expensive ($68!!!!) to gamble with. I can't believe I spent that on concealer...... :wtf:

    That being said, the other over-the-top purchases I've made from la Mer and Chantecaille have all been awesome.
  6. wow your the first bad review about this product ^^
  7. $68 for some concealer? I would expect it to eliminate my dark circles permantly.

    Clinique concealers can do the same job.
  8. absolutely! :lol:

    i don't use concealer anywhere near enough to justify spending even $20 on it, but i would like to try other cle de peau products... the energizing creme for one.
  9. I was able to try this concealer last weekend at Saks. Unfortunately, it didnt work for me. It was very dry under my eyes, highlighted my wrinkles, and didnt blend in well:sad: I was really sad because I thought it would be the best concealer ever since I've been reading so many great reviews on it.

  10. It's the best thing I've tried. The concealer lasts at least for three years so I can justify the hefty price tag. I have medium skin tone and I use Ocre
  11. It's fantastic when you wear tinted moisturizer or foundation, but if you use it on moisturized skin, it WON'T be pretty - you'll end up with spots of concealer.
    I like that it covers very well, but I only like to use it when I've got events to go to or when I know I'm going to be photographed. Other than that, Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage and YSL Touche Eclat works well.
  12. BTW, I just looked at your *blog*. It's so well organized, easy to read and very written and most of all, so informative. Wonderful! I have book marked it. :tup:
  13. cle de peau concealer is best! love love love it!
  14. This concealer is supposed to be used on top of foundation.
    It has been my HG and I have only used around 1/2 stick for close to 2 years.
    have been using it under the eye and a bit on the scars
    Yes, the price tag is a turn-off but it lasts long and the best i have come so far.

    For reference, I am MAC NC25 and using Beige.

    The other make up product that is tdf is the creme foundation
    it's just glides smoothly on my skin and helps to conceal the pimple scars.

    While I am still straying to other foundations once in a while to keep the CDP last longer, the concealer is always there.
    I will replenish these two once they are finish
  15. LOVE this concealer. Like some other posters have pointed it, it's to be used on top of foundation/tinted moisturizer.

    I've never had any problems with this concealer whether it's on my own super dark-eye circles or with models/actresses. I personally used Ocre an I have medium Asian skin tone.