CLAY vs. WHISKEY GIGI?!?!?!?!?

  1. I'm torn! :s
    I bought the Gigi in Clay. I exchanged it for another Gigi in Clay because I was unhappy with the first one I got (scratches, etc). I haven't use the new one or removed the tags yet because I can't decide whether I should keep it or exchange it for the Gigi in Whiskey. Here's the thing: I like the Clay color a lot and I know that the Legacy leather is supposed to look worn (I have other Legacy collection bags), but I fear that the Clay will look way too beaten up way too fast. Also, I want to use the bag as my everyday work bag and I worry that the Clay color (with all of its scratches and scuffs) will not look professional enough as I work in a relatively conservative field. I know the Whiskey color gets scratched up too, but I think it might not look as bad. Also, out of all the Coach bags I own (and I have MANY), I don't have any Whiskey bags.

    Then, I look at the Coach website and I notice that the Gigi doesn't come in Clay anymore (it's apparently that popular). I just don't know what to do?:shrugs:

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?:confused1:
  2. I think if you REALLY REALLY love Clay, then keep it. However, i'm more of a brown bag person, and prefer Whiskey. If your concerns about the Clay color will keep you from using the bag, then it's not worth it.
  3. I REALLY love the Clay... it is just so gorgeous. I think this particular bag looks better in clay than in whiskey.
  4. Another vote for the clay. I just love this color.
  5. clay all the way!
  6. I really love the Clay color. It's so different.
  7. How about both?
  8. Go for the Clay, can't you condition the bag so that it will always look it's best?
  9. I have the shoulder bag in Clay and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the's so unusual and after searching high and low everywhere I've never found anything similar. I'm also thinking this could be a great summer shade, too. So I'm getting Appleguard conditioner and i'm going to condition it - a few other people said that they used it without anything bad happening, and it's supposed to help repel stains and enable you to rub the scratches out more easily. I think any bag other than black is going to look beat up after awhile in the Legacy leather, though.

    The thing is with Whiskey (which I also like a lot) - it's much easier to find a brown bag than this shade of, I have some LV and that's all brown, so I don't know if you have other bags but if you already have brown, this will definitely lend some variety to your collection.
  10. BTW, I went to 3 different Coach stores during PCE and all of them had their Clay bags sold out - my shoulder bag was the very last one in the last store that wasn't a floor model that I was able to snag. So, I think the limited color availability is also appealing. Good luck deciding!
  11. I vote for the CLAY! I own this color Gigi, and I've worn her about 4 times, but not everyday. I've picked up a few scratches, but they have easily blended into the color. I love the vintage look of the Clay, and this color appears the same in the other Clay bags from COACH as well as the Clay accessories. It has that weathered shading to the leather. The Whiskey is much more even toned, but will also show scratches, and they'll also blend in.

    Try not to be influenced by what might seem more popular if you don't feel comfortable with it. On the other hand, perhaps in your conservative work environment the Clay will make you stand out from the pack of black & brown bags?

    Clay, Clay Clay!
  12. Clay!!! I had the Gigi in clay, but returned it last week. I was in love with the color, but the shape of the bag as a whole wasn't doing it for me. I still really want a bag in Clay though. It's a stunning and unusual color that you don't see everyday. Grey is my new favorite color…it's the new black!!! :yes:
  13. Keep the Clay as long as you can accept the fact that it will get scratches. These Legacy bags are not for people who can't bear any marks on their bags. I like the distressed look and the leather is gorgeous, but they can get marked up very quickly.
  14. What do you do for work? If it was me in the situation, I'd think about whether my bag would get beat up at work (or getting to work for people who ride subways or buses, etc). If I can hop in a car, get to work, and I put my bag away in a desk or locker or something I'd keep the clay Gigi. If I know people might be bumping into me or I have no safe place to put my bag, I'd consider getting a different color.

    It seems from reading your post, you "really like" the color (but didn't mention really liking the style) but there's been no "wow, I absolutely love this new bag but..." or anything. You're already starting out that you're torn. Maybe that's a message.

    I don't know how long this clay color is going to be in production, but it is really nice (even though it scratches SO easily).
  15. WOW! Maybe you guys are right - perhaps I should keep the Clay color and just get a different bag in the Whiskey color. I do really like the Clay color and I like the Gigi syle too. I think it's the perfect size bag for work.
    I'm going to go home tonight, take my bag out again and try to make a final decision.