Clay Gigi

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  1. I got one, now I just don't know if I want to keep her. I am not one to carry a tote bag, and I keep thinking....I could sell this one and some other bags and save up for something else I think I would carry more. What do you think, should she stay or should she go?:confused1:
  2. If your not going to use it and you don't LOVE it, then sell it. I had to let my Gigi go too. I never carry the really big bags. I thought I would use it for work, but I ended up never using it.
  3. You know what, I absolutely LOVE this it's hard for me to say sell it, LOL! However, if you don't love it and won't carry it, then it would definitely be a waste to keep around.
  4. Yea, if you don't LOVE the bag, then you should sell it and get something you will truly love. For that much, you should love the bag and want to use it all the time!!
  5. I would keep it around your house for a while until you are really sure what you want to do with it. You definitely don't want to regret selling it! If you aren't loving it though and know you are not going to use it, then sell it!
  6. i have been eyeing one ebay and am very torn about her. does it have lots of scratches? i looooove her!! but don't know if i can handle all the scratches associated w/the clay gigi! but, I would say keep her, because she is so unique..
  7. The clay seems to show scratches more than any other leather I have had, but it's not adds to the bags vintage look. I love the way it looks, I just don't carry totes enough to justify her. Plus, I am worried about the weather with it. I don't want it to get messed up.
  8. Also, being that it's used, do you think it would sell for much? it's in good shape, just some wear on the edge of one handle and less scratching than some I have seen selling 'new' on ebay

  9. The clay is actually in very high demand, especially after all the pics of Hayden P. and her clay tote and matching Maxenes! It should sell for a good bit if it's in good shape, but the market has been up and down on these. When I bought my whiskey back a while ago on Ebay, I paid around $300. I just recently bought the walnut at the outlet for $375, but they only had whiskey, black, and clays that I saw. I know back a few months ago, the outlets had more clay bags in the shoulder bag and flap styles...not sure about the Gigi. I actually paid quite a bit for my clay one because I got it at Nordstrom when they first went on sale.
  10. I will have to watch some and then decide. If I sold her, I'd want to be able to get a Luci instead. :drool: So I need to make some money off her to pay for a big chunk of the Luci
  11. I have the clay Gigi and I love her. I don't carry her often because I have way too many bags and I will only carry her on a clear day. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this bag as to the uniqueness of the color.
    That being said if you don't love her you should sell her and buy something you truly love.