clay gigi in outlets?

  1. i'm absolutely dying to get a clay gigi :drool: and would like to know if anyone has seen it in their outlets recently.
    if so, which outlet and how much was it going for? thanks! :tup:
    i'm thinking i'll try a charge/send?
  2. hi, i was looking for that about a month ago and called like 20 outlets and none had it. i finally found one at macy's, but it was a return. i think you may have better luck on eBay. good luck!
  3. I tried to find one last week and called multiple outlets. One outlet did a search for me and said there were a handful of store that listed 1 in inventory. He said that's usually not reliable. The only store that had more than 1 was in Hawaii I think. The pricing still seemed high to me (can't remember the exact $ amount), so I decided to pass. Good luck!

    eBay may be your best bet. I recently got a damaged bag from eBay (black leather Gigi) so I'm still a little gun shy about purchasing big $$ items from there. I did get my money bag though, so that's good.
  4. i saw a whiskey gigi at the outlet last week and it was $471 or so. i don't know if the clay would be the same price. i paid way less than that at macy's.
  5. I got my clay Gigi on eBay for $222.50. However, it had a bunch of scratches and a stain inside the zipper pocket. It didn't bother me enough to send it back (because I got a good deal) and the scratches are blending in the more I use it. eBay is probably your best bet.
  6. They have them at my outlet in Waikele. I don't remember the exact red markdown price but it was somewhere around $500 (it was something like $449 or $549), then 20% off. When I went on Friday, they had two of them on the shelf. I didn't ask if they had more in the back.