Clay gigi and citron shoulder - PICS

  1. Well, here are some pics of the new shoulder in citron and the new style - gigi in clay. I like both of them, however I'm not sure it's :heart:. The size on the gigi is nice, but I'm afraid when I put my stuff in it it's going to be too heavy. The shoulder is nice, but it's the smallest bag I own, which may or may not be nice. The color is more yellow and less green than I thought, but I do like the color.

    citron2.jpg citron shoulder.jpg ckay2.jpg clay shoulder.jpg
  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Gigi is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :drool:

    And that citron color is TDF!!!

  3. Congratulations. They are both beautiful. I love legacy.
  4. citron is such a hot color!! I love the gigi in the clay. I CAN NOT BUY ANOTHER BAG. (I have to tell myself that) beautiful buys.
  5. They are both gorgeous!! I really like the Gigi, but I agree (without having held it in person yet)... it seems like it could be pretty heavy.

    I :heart: the clay color... I'm hoping I can find something that works for me in that color.
  6. The Gigi Bag is beautiful. I love the color of the Clay!
    Congrats. So do you like the Citron? I am not sure about it as it is more yellow than green. I do hope that you love it.
  7. oh gigi is sweet!!:nuts:
  8. Gigi is beautiful!!!
  9. Love that Gigi - the color is gorgeous and the style is great!!!. I am not sure about the shoulder - it looks a little too small.
  10. Congratulations!!! Love both colors...shoulder would be too small for me, but Gigi would hold all my stuff & look gorgeous doing it!
  11. I like the GiGi in clay!
  12. Very nice!
    Those colors are great.
    I really love the clay color and yes, GiGI is hot.:okay:
    Congrats on your new awesome bags:heart:
  13. Congrats on your new bags! They are lovely! It's nice to see the new stuff on here!

    I have the Gigi in Whiskey on my wish list!
  14. congrats on two beauties!! :nuts: love both colors!
  15. Wow, how much is that Gigi? And do you think it would hold a laptop? I looooove it