Claudia's Second Look At Trunk Show Goodies

  1. Hey girls....well, i checked out the SS '07 Trunk Show stuff today again (can't seem to stay away, i practically know the names of all of the SAs' relatives roflmao)....and saw the baby animal diaper bag...............its adorable! its $1,575 as opposed to the large tote purse I wrote about before which is in the neighborhood of $2300-2400. I must say, the diaper bag would make a great tote purse. White background (but not that much white space so you wouldnt have to worry about dirty, and its cordoury (sp.?) All kinds of baby animals in pastel colors and the little black ccs on the animals. Bunnies, snails, owls, butterflies, etc. It is not lined in plastic. Its a shoulder bag also and has two pockets on either edge.....for cell phone, etc

    saw it at Saks, NM didnt have this style
    Also, as I told Penny, the Paris Biarritz is fabulous....its the bag with the leather or metallic body and the thin amount of fabric on the top near the handles. In fact, I am waitlisted for it and here's another one that I forgot I waitlisted for :yahoo:
    and for anyone who may wonder about the "new" price of the caviar medallion tote, its still $1,650 and didnt increase.
  2. I like the sound of the baby animals diaper bag, of course if you don't have a baby you don't really have a use for it. But if it could be a tote then that is something to think about - its less expensive too!
  3. Lol..I love the Baby Animals..I want something from that line but I have no idea what yet. Maybe a jewelry piece or something.
  4. I missed that diaper bag! It sounds precious! Anyone have any pictures? How did the size/style compare with the large paris biarritz tote?