Claudia's pix!!!!

  1. At long last, here are Claudia's (purse-onality) pictures of her naked tote, baby animals and denim tote.

    She is starting a new thread for your comments.

    Enjoy everyone!
    BABY1.jpg bracelet.jpg denim1.jpg denimside.jpg naked1.jpg
  2. Yes,,,Maxaluna posted them because we did it over at her house with the help of Sasha and I totally forgot my PF login, and password, so she sent it! LOL
    top makes my tummy look whale-ish,,,but its just the top.....not flattering at all
  3. claudia, congrats on the chanels... i love them...

    this is my fave :yes:




  4. Claudia you look amazing! You are totally rocking all those hot bags!! You look adorable with the baby animals flap!!
  5. claudia... i also love the baby animals
  6. You know how to pick a bag that is perfect for you! They are all gorgeous... as are you! :yes:
  7. :tender: the baby animals flap looks so cute on you!! matches your top :yes::yes::yes:
  8. You are so pretty and so are your Chanel bags!!
  9. ohhhhhhhhhh ladies thank you so much for your sweet words...........regarding the Naked, I lined it with its Chanel dustbag, my stuff is nestled amongst the folds of the dustbag, this is the way i pack it................sorry the purse doesnt show well but you get the idea!
    Re: the denim tote, its from S/S '06 and is hard to find, i have never seen anyone with it (but am sure they exist). I may sell it for the denim coco cabas which i am waitlisted for............should i or shouldnt i?) My denim has about 9 different compartments and is very very light and squishy but retains its shape. :happydance:
  10. Claudia you look absolutely FABULOUS! All the bags match you perfectly!!!
  11. Gorgeous collection :heart:
  12. Love them all..CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i have 8 more Chanels....these were just a few....and you guys wanted to see the Naked the way i carry it with the dustbag ...again, thanks for being you!!!! love you guys!!

  14. Love them all- especially the baby animals flap! It is so cute on you!:love: Great collection Claudia!:yes:
  15. yay!:yahoo: finally we get to see claudia--lovely! and your bags, esp the naked tote...thanks! good job!:yes: wonderful collection....