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  1. Hi girls! well, this weekend, both days, i have a class in continuing ed for my real estate license, from 9-4. Today her Royal Highness, the blue leather Cotton Club tote, came with was such a great feeling to sweep into the classroom, where 65 pairs of eyes could see her and wonder, what is this beauty, as she sat on the empty chair beside me, all perky, confident, and regal. I was ready, i tell ya, ready, for the compliments and comments. NOT! A warthog would just as soon appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue. my classmates (the females) were purse schleppers who didn't care if they carried a gunny sack or a plastic bag for a purse. From the looks of the bags there, Dooney would be stunning.
    The purse and I when class was over, skittered out of the room, laughing all the way to my car.

    roflmao :roflmfao:
    :shame: :choochoo:
  2. well if I was there..I woulda DROOLED all over it JUST for YOU!!ROFL!!!!!
  3. Pity the poor fools who know no better! Congrats to you and your new beauty.
  4. wow pics?
  5. love your posts! we would've all been in awe over your bag!! congrats! plz post pics, would love to see this color!
  6. I've never had anyone make a comment on any of my beautiful bags :sad:

    Oh wait, at the grocery store the other night, I was carrying my LV BH because it was snowing, yep, snowing in Dallas! And the male cashier said "nice bag :biggrin:"

  7. That would spoil the class for me... from now on. No one there to appreciate the finer things in life. I bet those women dressed terribly too.
  8. these are our future RE Agents!? LOL!
    In Texas you have to almost be HOT to be a RE Agent! They're all blonde, attractive and drive gold Jags!:lol:
  9. I am admiring it for you, without even seeing it! Silly, silly women
  10. if i were in your class, i would have had to re-take it bc i'd be completely focused on your bag...:love:

  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. Claudia you gota understand, the average woman, whether a re agent, cpa, dr., atty,--- most of the time they just don't carry nice handbags. We are all an eclectic group of professional women and sahm and college students that have an understanding of style and know what good style is and have the class to carry it off. If those women knew what that Chanel bag cost they would think we needed therapy! I have never had one compliment on my Chanel bags except my a few friends who know what they are and how much they cost.
    You and Cotton don't take it to hard we just dance to a different beat!

  13. LMAO!!! i love your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. As a fellow RE Agent. located in Las Vegas. A lot our RE Agents are very much into designer purses. We should hold a CE course in Chanel 101 for credit!!!!:party:
  15. jsanluis! i know LOLOL new real estate designation: GCPC (Gorgeous Chanel Purse Carrier) lol

    Penny, ya gotta come and visit sometime! and just see all the Chanel carriers in this town! i thought, surely, there would be at least one, if not one Chanel appreciator, in class..... the class was like a barren wasteland, like i had stepped into a time warp of ugly bags and oblivious owners of them............
    at my last license renewal class, there were 2 Birkins that came with their owners! It made the class bearable for me, as i had a really bad flu and couldnt stop coughing .....somehow just staring at those bags (even if they weren't Chanel :graucho: ) helped with getting better lol

    thanks girls for all your cute comments
    i promise, will learn to post pics very very soon! i know, i keep on saying this, but it will happen...........this week if Gayle's smart and creative daughter is available lol