Claudia's Naked Tote Arrives In All Its Glory!

  1. omg........its fabulous!!!! Its much better than I thought...........its made of PVC, not plastic, and is therefore much sturdier. And get this, girls! I come in the house and DH is opening the box Fed Ex just delivered that my baby is in! I had a moment of panic, anticipating he would do the "what??? another Chanel purse??" thing but then he says to me that he is only opening it so i don't wreck my nails! Now I ask you, are the gods smiling down upon me or what? :roflmfao: No questions asked from him, no "another bag??!", nada, nothing! So I open it and almost faint from joy. Only Chanel can make a seethrough tote look classy. It came from the Chanel store at the Bellagio in Vegas...
    PICS TO BE TAKEN THIS WEEK AND POSTED! I promise..its about time my Chanel ladies see that i really do exist!
  2. :yahoo: :party: :yahoo:

    Congratulations Claudia!!! Maybe DH isn't so PHH after all?? :nuts:

    Can't wait to see you and your famous NAKED bag!!
  3. aww Claudia...I love your enthusiasm! hehe..and your hubby's too! congrats on your new bag! can't wait for pics!! hopefully baby animals won't get jealous! hhehehe
  4. Congrats, Claudia!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see it! Sounds like you have a growing collection! Please post a family pic! And what a sweet DH!
  5. thanks Butterfliie and BlushingBaby! you guys are too cute

    actually DH is more DCH (Darling Clueless Husband) LOL because he really has no clue about what these things cost....and wouldn't know a Chanel bag unless it said "Chanel" on it, even the CCs alone wouldn't tip him off! Thank goodness I have my own $ :yahoo:

    baby animal bag did give a pathetic meow and hiss (there is a baby snake on the bag I do believe, its either a snake or an eel) but she just has to get used to her new sister! :flowers:
  6. Can't wait to see this baby!
  7. YAY!! You will be the first pfer with this bag!! (i think). Post pics go we can gawk.. Nice hubby too
  8. Can't wait to see it with all your things in it! :yes:
  9. Congrats!
    can't wait to see!
  10. Congratulations on your new bag Claudia. Can't wait to see your pics.

    I'm jonesing for something new myself.:p
  11. Aww, there there Baby Animals. It's okay, Mommy still loves you! Sometimes she just needs to get NAKED :wlae:
  12. ^LMAO.....HURRY WITH THE PICS!!!!!!!
    ..Ive been impatiently waiting here in COLD NJ...LOL....DYING to see this bag!!
  13. Teeheeing!
    butterfli you make me smile!
    not to worry Jill!! it is happening on Sat.! on Sat. pics shall appear! (I have lesson with Gayle's 11 year old) the snow shall melt when it sees this bag!!

    and...aaaaannnd....the way I am packing this baby is with her Chanel dustbag inside her with my stuff nestled within it and the dustbag's "Chanel" artfully arranged so it can be seen...and the authenticity card sitting classily in the pocket of the bag so that shows through as well! am i a nauseating bag/label snob or what!!???? :amuse:

    it really is el-chic-o.... and anyone who is thinking about this bag but afraid that it will expose all their things (which i myself never cared about because, well, i am off the beaten track. :upsidedown: ), the trick is to line bag with scarf or even better, the dustbag because its blackness looks so good against the glassy Nakedness of the little beauty
    PS Penny has bag too!! She was no. 1 on list and I was no. 2, at Bellagio store!!
  14. Penny - where are your pics?? :hysteric:
  15. Pics! Pics! :nuts: