1. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT....i was all ready to buy the gorgeous expandable flap the other day at Saks, getting ready to pay, when my SA pointed out unraveling stitches. Well, that unsold that bag................i will not be buying another expandable, because of the large stitches which i had a feeling would do this.
    Just a beware...................:sad:
  2. Oh no. That's terrible. So what will you buy instead?
  3. UGH..Chanel seems to b havin serious quality control issues lately....SNIFF!
  4. :tdown: Now I'm so paranoid I keep checking the stitches on my quilted bag!
  5. well, i am growing more and more in love with the forest green bubble quilt, which is not only a stunner, but looks more rugged than the expandable, but to buy it, will have to sell BOTH kidneys, and then i'll be dead

  6. ^LMAO..Join the "dead gals Chanel club"....Im so not buyin another bag for a least a month...Im like a crack addict .except ON CHANEL bags...LMAO!
  7. LOL...i'll give you one of my kidneys if you'll let me share the bag with you.
  8. ^haha, not a bad plan girls!
  9. btw talking about bad quality control this choco bubble quilt small flap came with a broken chain and they had to replace it with another bag. And this was a brand new bag! Ugh.
  10. ^R U seriuos?OY VEY!That sucks.what is up with CHANEL?????
  11. I agree, I had to take 3 bags for repair last week!
  12. My brand new jumbo flap has a frayed chain strap and there are little cuts in the leather...i have to send it back...
  13. Oooh, ladies, we should all make sure we check our bags thoroughly before we pay or when once receive them ..
  14. I love the Expandable but when I played with it at the trunk show I kept thinking about frayed stitching the whole time! So far my only Chanel bag that has an issue is the stitch that came loose at the bottom corner of my Cotton Club Tote...and I am not taking it in for repair.
  15. I havent had any issues with my newest expandable bags.....Thank goodness!LOL!