Claudia & The Jills Take Over Bal Harbour..LOTSA PICS ADDED!!!

  1. omg WELL, needless to say, they are fabulous and adorable women...and we had a Bal (i mean, ball heehee ) we met at about 11:45 am right smack dab in the Chanel boutique....i will not tell you what Jill was in the process of purchasing but all i will say is, its amazing! Be sitting down with oxygen masks nearby when she tells you......... (she should have the fun of telling you guys, not i ) :woohoo:
    then we sauntered into NM, Prada, Gucci, LV (where shoes were tried on, natch, but not by me!!! :angel:), then we broke for a chic lunch at this bistro-type place which was actually a tearoom but they had salads and sandwiches. Then I started muttering to myself, in a desperate whimper, thinking about things we had seen that stood out in my mind: "Prada black leather flap bag, or Chanel accordian shaped big bubble flap in hot pink which I had never seen before anywhere, or Gucci new logo bag with gold muted metallic bow on side, or Balenciaga violet bag which was actually sitting in NM and hadnt been adopted yet by a mommy, or....why doesnt someone just kill me now... " We ended up at Saks where Jill and Jillybean tried on adorable stuff: and looked incredible. I sat on the floor of the fitting room hallway and pouted. Because I knew nothing would be bought by me, .......but actually i don't feel deprived ! :amazed: it was so much fun to shop with them.....and see their excitement and live vicariously. Oh, there was also a jaunt made into Yurman to gaze at jewelry, (not to be bought by me or Jillybean, so there's just one left - roflmao)
    Pictures were taken of us, Jill will post when she gets back home!

    PS there was a new Fendi bag called the Voodoo bag, it looked like a sheepdog with a bag on the top of it, sitting as if nestled amongst the wool. Strangest thing i have ever actually frightened us
  2. Sounds like you had a ball!!! Good for you!!!! Can't wait to see the pics...oughta be good!!!:popcorn:
  3. can't wait to see the bags and purchases!
  4. Can't wait to see pics! Sounds like you guys had a blast!!
  5. Wow! How fun! Sounds like SOMEbody did some damage today. Hmm who could it be?
  6. sounds like a blast, 3 gals I'd LOVE to meet!
  7. claudia... I'm wearing my new diamond necklace as we speak!!!! Lmao!jillybean and I r now in the hotel bar drinking martinis!!! I will post pics late tomorrow nite to u all!! Jill and I bought a ton of clothes too!!!!!heehee!!
  8. Sounds like a blast gals!!

    Can't wait to see the pics!!

    Post LOTS of pics!! =) :drool:
  9. can't wait for pics :smile:
  10. Wow - the three of you shopping together - that is awesome! I am so glad you got to meet and spend time together.
    Bal Harbour will never be the same - :0 - LOL :lol:
  11. omg, we bought so much stuff!! Claudia is an absolutely fabulous gal! We had so much hanging out with her. Meeting her proved once again how fabulous tPFers are!

    Jill and I went wild at Saks! I bought a fab Vince leather jacket, Vince cute shirt, BCBG dress and CoH jeans! Not to mention an IPHONE!!

    Jill bought a BCBG dress, a Vince shirt & dress, a theory shirt, a HOT Juicy shirt, & fabulous David Yurman diamond necklace.

    Our vacation has been amazing-even if I am bright RED from sunburn (we pasty people don't tan well!-jill is a fab tan color-soooooo unfair). I'm so sad that my fall break is over!!
  12. OMG! I am sooo jealous! Claudia- you showed such restraint! I would have been divorced if I shopped w/ the Jills!
  13. Sounds like you had a blast! :tup:
  14. Sounds like fun!
  15. Sounds like fun...I can't wait for pics (and I'm jealous Jilly that your fall break is so early!!! Mine isn't for 2 weeks!)!