Claudia Takes Flight With Chanel Denim Airplane!!!

  1. OHHHHHH today while doing my perfume rep'ing at Nordstrom Town Center mall in Boca, i spied the Chanel denim airplane tote from 2 years ago and fell deeply in love with it. (A person walked in with it :p ) I actually interrupted my job for a sec, walked up to her (the purse's) owner, and asked if i could see her more closely and touch her. The human owner showed the baby off like a proud mom. I then offered to sell my dark gray metallic Prada doctors bag to her, for her airplane. She good naturedly laughed at me! She said that the bag was "so her", and i said "its so me!"
    what a fabulous bag it is.................

    anyway, again major Chanel day....chains galore, Medallion Tote primarily seen today, along with some that Jill owns but i don't know their names (they appear in Jill's pics lately. So gorgeous). Also saw a couple of really sad fakes............but mostly real. Reinstates my faith in this town's taste lol

    I hope everyone had a good Saturday!!!! My husband's making diet fried chicken!!!
  2. LMAO...DIET FRIED CHICKEN?????????.........????????LOLOLOL!

    you could have always sprayed perfume in her face,grabbed the purse and ran for dear life.....JOKING..I SWEAR!!!!!!!!LOL!
  3. Funny !!!

  4. LMAO @ Diet fried chicken:roflmfao: :roflmfao: . I want the recipe:drool:
  5. claudia, can you make room for one more for dinner....gotta try diet fried chicken....:drool:
  6. ^^^No kidding! Please tell us how to make this!

    I hope you find an airplane bag to adopt for your very own!!!
  7. lol Jill i love your idea.....she needed to have perfume sprayed in he rsmug face and given up the bag LOL

    anyawy, i asked DH for receipe and he made one of his adorable biscuit faces, which means he won't give it up anytime soon...but i shall get it out of him and share it here with you all. It is absolutely delicious...i am in a real good mood now from it!
  8. Claudia, I know this is not a good time to bring this up....
    but.... I have the "airplane" bag!:heart:

    However I dont' have "diet" fried chicken!!! LOL You have got to get DH to give up the details!!
  9. HILARIOUS!!!:nuts:
  10. This diet fried chicken has started my tummy growling and its erm nearly 4am here! :drool::drool:
  11. Claudia ~~ I need that recipe!!!
  12. i shall for sure get the recipe from DH!

    and Penny? did you say you actually have the airplane bag? Do you want my new diamond bracelet for bag??!! :hysteric: lol omg you're killin me here! ohhhhhhhh Penny! but you're getting denim Coco Cabas! i read in a fortune cookie "Confucious say its bad luck to own two Chanel denim bags" !! also Confucious say its a good deed selling the airplane one to new friend in Florida!! i cannot believe we've been PMing for weeks and i didnt know you own the airplane bag! :shocked: :girlsigh:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh
  13. ^rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Claudia i think your hubby's DIET FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE has stolen much of the attention away from the chanel bags!!!! I want the recipe too!!!!
  15. i have that airplane bag too!! i got at NM last Oct.