1. well, its like this: when browsing through NM yesterday i stopped in the Chanel boutique (like this is news lol i am a regular there!) and there was a young man there shopping for his girlfriend. He didnt know alot about Chanel, but i was there :yahoo: to make a long story short, I "sold" a Chanel black Cambon tote to him...pointing out all its pluses, about the Ligne cambon line (year it came to be, etc), how reasonable the price was, its durability, the fact that it is becoming a true classic and is not at all trendy, how great it is for a young woman (she's 24), etc etc etc He bought the bag!
    the SA teased about splitting her commission with me...............and the young man was happy. I had a feeling of wellbeing, and contribution to the world
  2. LOL Cute story. Watch some PFer post what her boyfriend bought her! LOL
  3. oh how cute! That lady will be happy!
  4. "I had a feeling of wellbeing, and contribution to the world"

    Too cute:roflmfao:

  5. Claudia you deserve a gold star for being a good Chanel advocate!

    I know some young lady some where was thanking God for you last night! Even if she didn't know the whole story.
  6. Ah, bless you! And the young man ofcourse, his girlfriend must be so happy! :love:
  7. cute!!!
  8. That was so sweet of you. Someone's going to be a lucky lady.
  9. If i tell you when my BF is shopping, will you go stalk him and "sell" to him too?:rolleyes:
  10. I love your story! I felt a similar sense of well-being when I "sold" a delicious salad and burrito to confused newbies at the restaurant I went to last night (where I am a regular). They stopped by my table afterward to thank me for the recommendation and I felt all warm and fuzzy knowing I made their Valentine's Day a little brighter. I can only imagine the rush of "selling" a Chanel bag. Must stalk customers to sell next time I'm there!

    P.S. I bet the guy's girlfriend was very thankful for your input so there's even more to feel great about!
  11. :idea: You could sell this service to tPF members! We just tell you when and where our SOs will be and what we want. Oh I can see the list now...
  12. ::chuckling:: omg a new mini-career! hanging around Chanel bag depts., listening in to what customers are saying, and helping the SA with all of our PF closing the deal! i love this! we should at least deserve a little cut? like, 10% at least, so if the bag is $2700 (the price of the killer cotton club mini reporter, which is destined to be my new daughter :p ) the minimum we would get would be $270 and, say, if we sold 3-4 in that same Chanel dept., the cut would increase to 20%, so on a $2700 sale, we would get $540. 10 sales and we get a free bag of our choice

    <nominating herself for :queen: of ideas

    LOLOLOL roflmao
    tee heeing all the way to where her Chanels are sitting on their shelf...
  13. LOL!! that's so your stories!
  14. wish you would be in the store next time my bf chooses a gift for me :p
  15. That's awesome! I am sure the guy was glad you helped him- he was probably lost in the Chanel store lol!