Claudia Schiffer's mad dog!

  1. Local police plan to meet her to discuss complaints that her dogs (an Irish wolfhound and a German shepherd) are intimidating walkers near her country mansion in Bury St. Edmunds, a rural town northeast of London. Locals walking on a footpath that runs alongside the estate have complained about Schiffer's dogs 'running wild'.

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  2. The first picture of her almost looks like Claire Dane !

    Anyways, yes, I'd be pretty scared of those two kinds of dogs "running wild" !
  3. Are they running wild inside her gates or outside?:shrugs:
    O/T But I have the same jacket Claudia is wearing in the frist pic!:nuts:
  4. If they are running wild in open space, I'd be on a tree.
  5. OMG I would love to have an Irish Wolfhound!
    Sounds like people are upset that her dogs are loose in her back yard? Thats seems a little blown out of proportion. Are people not allowed to let their dogs be in their backyard?
  6. ^ People freak over big dogs . I have a pitts , like you , and am constantly snubbed by my neighbors because of them ! It's funny because they are the biggest babies in the world . Total lap-dogs , at least thats what they think !