Claudia Schiffer With Her Darling Clementine & Son Casper

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  1. [​IMG]


    In London :heart:
  2. WoW! she looks absolutely incredible :love:

    I cannot even imagine how Mathew Vaughn must feel waking up next to her!
  3. she still looks great
  4. She looks as good as she did 15 years ago. Love the outfit, love the bag.
  5. she's still so pretty!!
  6. her son is sooooooo adorable :cutesy:
  7. She's hot, but she named her son Casper?:rolleyes:
  8. Yeah, Its hard to say the name Casper without thinking of the friendly ghost. :s
  9. She looks incredible - doesn't look like she's aged at all.
  10. Cute little chubby cheeks (him, not her).
  11. Wait her son's name is "Casper"

    That is awful. Like the friendly ghost or in LA that would be a cholo nick name. I could just see that tagged all over East LA. (Cholo - spanish for like gangster I guess?) Goofy!
  13. Casper is so cute and Claudia looks divine!
  14. Exactly, and it doesn't help he is pale and blonde! He's cute though.
  15. Yeah that too !! :p he is adorable though