Claudia Schiffer For Dom Perignon

  1. [​IMG]

    Here's to the new Dom Perignon commercial starring Claudia Schiffer
  2. [​IMG]

    The supermodel attended a Karl Lagerfeld party hosted by Dom Perignon at Lagerfeld's home with the deisgner and Jude Law.
  3. She looks great! Love the b&w pic. uhhhh, Jude's looking a bit weird - didn't even recognize him!
  4. ^^i love the b&w pic too!!
  5. Her hair looks like a Halloween wig in the first picture, though her legs look great!

    And Karl looks scary as hell :wtf:
  6. LOVE IT! its so dramatic and French! Now where's the Dom? :drinkup:
  7. I just can't seem to bring myself not to comment on Karl.......he looks like Dracula!!!
  8. she is gorgeous. She's probably 30 years older than me and looks 100 times better. le sigh.
  9. She looks HOT in that first pic! Total femme fatale!
  10. fab piccies, she looks like all she needs is a whip in that first piccie hee hee ;)
  11. Amazing first picture! Really outstanding promotional shot. She looks absolutely beautiful! (and sexy!)
  12. She looks hot in first pic!!
  13. She looks great!! Karl looks like a goofball though
  14. She still has it going on!
  15. she still looks so gorgeous. does even seem like she has aged.