Claudia Schiffer back to Chanel for 2008

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  1. hello,

    have a look at chanel website. claudia schiffer and karl Lagerfeld meet again after having worked togheter in the 90's. he pictured Claudia for the 2007-08 cruise collection. You may think it's non essentiel info but I think it's great !!!!!!!
  2. I have some look books from that era. Recently looked through them and Chanel used many layers of heavy looking jewelry (which has since lightened up in weight quite a bit).

    Hmm, wonder if Vanessa Paradis (Depp) will come back in 5, 10 years (not that she needs the cash). And I'm not inferring that Claudia is solely going for the money. (Might be for free purses at this rate!!) Me bad, bad, bad.
  3. thats great its nice that claudia is coming back.... she fits chanel she is a classic, chanel is a classic
  4. ooh she is very pretty. Can't wait to see it!

    Here are some old ones I found:


  5. It's about time for an industry change from the wait, heroine-addicted, walking dead, bulimic look.
  6. here here.
  7. i think she is so gorgeous.
  8. Claudia is lovely and she fits the image, but.......

    Catherine Deneuve (sic) will ALWAYS be the face of CHANEL as far as I'm concerned. :yes:
  9. that's great...I much prefer Claudia to Selma blair??!!!
  10. I liked Claudia and I liked Slema Blair... I hate Keira Knightley though.
  11. ^ hehe...I kinda of prefer keira to selma though keira is getting too skinny!
  12. She is gorgeous!