Claudia Schiffer and Clementine on French Elle

  1. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and her daughter Clementine, 2, appear on the cover of this month's French Elle Magazine.
    [​IMG]:heart: :heart:
  2. It's a nice pic, but not sure I like how the whole shot was captured. Claudia looks very posed and not natural.
  3. I think the cover theme seems off for a high fashion magazine. It would be a better cover for a family mag..... Parent & child, family Circle etc.....
  4. They are both very beautiful!
  5. Both look so cute
  6. They are gorgeous!
  7. i cant see :sad:
  8. That's a very strange cover for Elle.
  9. Hopefully it will show that us Moms can be fashionable as well..:p
  10. Claudia look beautiful but strained and uncomfortable.

    Cementine looks very cute but I don't know any 2 year olds who use a bottle (I have a 2 year old).
  11. True!! I didn't know the baby was 2....
  12. ^^^OK, a big DUH for me, it states right there..."Clemetine 2"
  13. What a cute pic! They are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.
  14. I agree with you :yes:
  15. i agree. its a nice pic, but not very elle-ish :p