Claudia & Gayle Attend NM Trunk Show!

  1. Hi Girls!!!! well, today was the long-awaited NM Trunk Show in Boca Raton....the day dawned bright and warm, around 80 degrees, and i threw on a pair of jeans, with my pink caviar medallion tote, and ran to NM to meet Gayle (Maxaluna). As i exited my car, with pounding heart, the adrenaline surging, with a smile on my face......i noticed the banner across the store saying "Chanel welcomes Gayle and Claudia" (kidding....:p ) well, the Chanel area was crowded, and as i entered, felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, approaching the Emerald City...............OMG, the array of purses was, i must say, far superior to Saks Trunk Show of a month ago...they had a large assortment on cute tables on the outside of the boutique and then, as you entered, you were surrounded by the gorgeous things. A very impressive show, down to the chilled bottles of champagne cooling in silver buckets. What we saw that we didn't see at Saks: a jumbo classic flap in gray lambskin that i died for, the teal blue baby reporter, a killer dark red tote, the big baby animal tote (cloth handles and a detachable shoulder strap, gold CC's on either side of the bag and of course, the adorable animal print.....i actually started whimpering.....but at $2,250 for the large animal, no way..(baby animal is coming also in the classic flap, size of leather medium, 10 inches across which is the one i waitlisted for but have no recollection of doing so lol. I wish i knew the names of all the bags...maybe Gayle knows more than i do...also, .there was a forest green medium size perforated classic flap, just so many beauties, And, they had the Naked flap...surprised that it fits less than i thought, and unfortunately, would be afraid to put cell phone in back pocket because of fear pocket will rip...passing on the Naked flap and still will check out the tote....
    alot more but am too tired .....
  2. Sounds like you had a good time checking out all of the eyecandy! Thanks for sharing! :yes:

    Is there a pic of the animal print anywhere? I have not seen it yet.
  3. LOL...Love hearing your report !!Thanks!
  4. Come on Claudia, you can't give up now, we need to hear more!!! :smile:
    I am sure once you get your rest tonight you will give us a detailed report tomorrow on the other things in the show.
    Glad you and Gayle had a good time!
    Oh how I wish there were a trunk show near me~~~~~~ :sad:
  5. any denim for ya?

    Thanks for the update!
  6. Animal print. NM Palo Alto didn't have that. There was no chilled champagne either. Glad you got to see all the great goodies with another PFer.
  7. thanks for the report...straight from the trenches hehe
  8. Did you see any pale gold patent? My SA was gushing about it and hadn't seen it IRL - just in the lookbook.

    Sounds like you had a good time. I am jealous of the weather. I seriously doubt it will be 80 in Chicago next week for their trunk show!!
  9. Glad you all had a good time. Thanks for the report.
  10. I loved reading your report!! thanks for the update!
  11. maxter.....we didnt see any pale gold patent, just a mustardly-yellow small combination handheld/flap...not that great
    by the way they had a champagne colored mini reporter, same as the blue
    and royal blue crinkley patent bowler (not vinyl - real patent)
    am trying hard to remember more details, will have a summit conference today with Gayle to hopefully jointly recall more to report here

  12. Thanks for the report! Those bags sound TDF!!!!!!
  13. Sammie - baby animal print has little owls, bunnies, butterflies, maybe a turtle, all in pastels with small black "cc's" on them....the colors are mainly pink and baby blue with touches of the black, green, yellow,,,,,all the pastels handles are beige and detachable cloth shoulder strap is pale pink..............
    its truly a collectors item, imo

    Swanky, they didnt have the denim tote - which means they might not get it in. Saks is not getting in the baby animal bag, but they are getting the denim (although it wasn't at their trunk show -- don't know why not )

    oh, i took my tape measure with me LOL :roflmfao: the "look books" do not show the bag measurements, just visual description and price

  14. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: we will be lucky if it is 8 degrees ABOVE Zero
  15. My SA said it would be part of "Act 2". Not sure what "Act 2" is but maybe that comes out later?

    I am definitely going to see if I cn have a look at their "look book" when I am there!