Claude Monet Hermès scarf question

  1. There seemed to be an edition of H scarf sold at Giverny in france. It came in at least to colourways (I think I saw baby blue/or lilach and a warn yellowish beige tone) and had lilles on it.

    Does anyone of you have this scarf? Is it made for this place only? WIll they ship it? ANY info appreciated! :yahoo:
  2. is it a reissue of "giverny" from years back?
  3. ^
    Actually it probably is! I didn't get the chanse to look at it,l they were closing, but it didn't seem to be a monet print. Lillies on the corners with some kind of low flower garden fence in wood decoration in a circle.
  4. It could possibly be "Jardin de Giverny", check it at the scarf reference section. It was collectible
  5. I picked up the blue sillk twill at the Giverny gift shop about two years or so ago; they also had the PM Mousseline in pink and yellow. I can't remember for certain, but I want to say there may have been a pale pink silk twill as well.

    Here are closeup photos of the twill and the yellow PM mousseline. The scarf shows a detail from the bridge and water lilies in the garden at Giverny. I'm not sure if the colorways I saw in the gift shop for the silk twill were exclusive to Giverny, but I know the mousseline colorways were available at 24 Faubourg as well. HTH!
    CIMG3355.jpg CIMG3357.jpg DSC02290.jpg
  6. Orchids; THat is the one! Stunning! Thank you so much!

    Encore Hermes; I will look into it! thanks for providing the info. ^_^