Classy bag brands

  1. I'm looking for a nice bag
    no logos
    thinking about bottega veneta or hogan - any other recs?

  2. Tanner Krolle makes great bags.
  3. Ferragamo and Bally can be subdued and classy. They've both been around for a long time.
  4. Tods, Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga and Chloe are very nice too
  5. Hermes!!!
  6. ^^^ :lol: I agree!
  7. I vote for Tod's
  8. i vote tods, bottega, or hermes.
  9. My vote goes to BV or Tod's. I really like Tod's handbags.
  10. Balenciaga all the way. The bags come in different sizes and can be worn conservatively, casually, or dressy. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend them.
  11. Definitely BV, the quality of leather is to die for. Tod's also makes some really nice, conservative looking bags.