Classy and Cheap looking bags???

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  1. We all def. love LV..Let's all be honest ;) just want your opinions.which you think are the classy and cheap looking LV bags?
  2. Epi is is the Suhali line (except white, sorry but I don't like white bags). The multicoloure and monogram lines have be copied to death so for me I don't think they look as exclusive anymore. That said, I well-aged and patina-ed Speedy still looks great!
  3. :Push: This is hard......I can't think of one honestly:shrugs: . They're all so well made:yes: impossible to look 'cheap'.
  4. i agree!!! :yes: IMO no matter which LV bag or line it is... i think they're ALL beautiful!!! something for everyone!!! :jammin:
  5. at first i thought the denim line looks cheap and like grandma's couch esp the blue one..:lol: but when i actually saw the pink and the green ones and tried it on, it changed my mind..I still can't love the would still be the last on my list... The suhalis are the most classy:yes:
  6. I think the Suhali line is the classiest one but I have trouble finding the cheapest. Maybe the Ambre line, but it still doesn't really look cheap and I really like it, lol
  7. I agree, Suhali line is the best, but I can't really call any LV cheap.
  8. I am with everyone on suhali being the classy LV but can't really pick any LV bags that looks "cheap".:nuts:
  9. Same here. People I know see the Ambre line as plastic bags (to them = cheap), which is true but it doesn't look cheap to me.
  10. I can't think of any LV that look cheap..unless it's fake LV they all look cheap LOL
  11. yeah, all fakes look cheap, yuck.
  12. i never liked the Multicolours and the Thedas. but to me the Fringe bags are the tackiest they've done so far.
  13. I love all LV lines except for the charms/chains bags. I'm not crazy about the look of those, but then I've only seen them online. I've read on this forum that some (who've actually seen them in person) think they look cheap....I'm hoping they look better in person.
  14. When I think "classy" I tend to think understated, so I would say I think the classiest bags are the epi and damier, I also think some vernis are too. Suhali is beautiful, but the bags have a lot of hardware which is def. not understated to me, though most of the suhali small leather goods are very simple....I can't say I think any look "cheap" because you could tell all of the materials they use are such wonderful quality and all of the stitching is so precise, but some of the blue denim items don't do it for me in terms of the money you spend for what you get....I think the colors they've been comming out with are great though (in the denim)....
  15. LoL So true! :roflmfao: