Classique Clip! The new clutch for men?!

  1. What fits in the different sizes?

    Would a MacBook Pro 15" laptop fit in the large size? Would an iPad fit in the medium one? Would love to see pics showing what you can fit in these babies!
  2. Hey Im a guy living in Melbourne Australia and I really really wanna get this classique clip in a medium size. Will anyone be able to helpp?!?
  3. Hi Jason

    I think I have seen a couple in Hong Kong. I have PMed you.
  4. ow ok thanks...need to wait a while for my new account to get upgraded before i can see PMs.....geezzz
    Thanks heaps
  5. Hey there could you possibly PM the selling price from the boutique where you have seen in? Thanks
  6. Hi there

    I need to go and check them out later in the week. Hope this is okay.
  7. I think the MacBook Air 13" fits in the large size.
  8. nice clutch
  9. Hey thanks for the run to TWIST, I saw the model selling on MR.PORTER but was just interested in the other colors besides black (which is the only color available on MR.PORTER) and the price comparison. But thanks heaps still !:smile:
  10. I think this is so sold out by now :sad:
  11. God i cant PM you yet cuz i havnt made pass the initial membership! Thanks for keeping me posted ><
  12. Hi there the one on Matches is a large I think... You can compare them with reference to the length of the tassel hanging down in the front of the clutch. Have you noticed they have changed the design of the Clip clutch alittle. The new clutches has lost the two studs in the front near the bottom... I personally prefer the older design.
  13. thanks!
    also noticed that with the current season the zippers are in opposite direction with the ring!