Classier looking?

  1. I'm a newbie.I want to know which do you think looks classier for caviar classic flaps esp in black? With silver or gold hardware?

    I'm crossing my fingers to have one very soon. thank you
  2. I personally love the look of one with silver hardware..
  3. i prefer silver hardware as well
  4. Another silver here.
  5. Forever I'll choose Black with Gold hardware. Especially with lambskin.
  6. I personally prefer the silver one. I think it looks more hip. The gold h/w reminds me of my mom's Chanel bags :smile:
  7. I prefer silver one.

    I tried it on and I think it doesn't look too mature, not too formal, yet classy and versatile. :heart: it.
  8. Silver...
  9. this is hard..since I love both colors!, try them both to see which suits you best! Good luck:smile:
  10. Both are nice, I suggest you try them both and decide. The gold is a little dressier, the silver is a bit edgier.
  11. Gold hardware with Lambskin - very luxe looking.:yes:

    Silver hardware with Caviar leather.:yes:
  12. I like the silver.
  13. I prefer silver hardware for both caviar and lambskin flaps. It's a fresher, more modern look. But I think all Chanel classic flaps look beautiful and classy.

  14. Well, I think they're both classy and you can't make a wrong decision. :smile: Personally, while I do really like gold h/w (if I could find a black anniversary 227 reissue, which only comes with gold h/w, I'd take it now haha :p), all of my black flaps have silver h/w... that's my preference. :smile:
  15. if you want to go for more classier look, definitely the black with gold hardware, but if you are looking for something more versatile and more for every occasion then silver hardware. However also depends on what color is most of your jewelry? If you wear gold more, i would go with gold, and vice versa.