Classier looking?

  1. is it the damier alma or the hampstead??:confused1:

    I'm think of getting another damier but don't know which of the two.. :heart:TIA:heart:

    and oh, hope someone can post modeling pix of the two so i could compare. thanks guys..
  2. Alma is classier IMO but I love the Hampstead in PM size.
  3. Alma!
  4. they're both classy, but the Alma is dressier.
  5. alma
  6. Alma of course!
  7. Alma is so chic.
  8. IMO the hampstead is a slightly more casual than the alma
  9. The alma gets my vote.
  10. I think the Alma will go from day to night easier than the hampstead.
    I love both though!
  11. go for the alma!
  12. Alma is classier
  13. The Alma.
  14. hey girl! :smile: go for ALMA :smile:
  15. Alma is defianetly the classier of the two.