Classics - Coach Willis Bag

  1. Am I crazy for wanting to order this??? It's still available online - I recall years & years ago always loving this bag & still do....... and I've been searching for a great crossbody but nothing current by anyone really catches my eye - I've tried a few but didn't LOVE them. Anyone still pull out the willis bag??? I'm very close to ordering....... plus I love nickel hardware...what to do what to do!
  2. No you are not crazy. I have been eyeballing the Rambler's Legacy bag lately. I wish they were available in stores so I could look at it before ordering/buying though...
  3. Well if you have always wanted it, go for it! :tup: You should get what you want and what makes you happy. :yes:
  4. The classics are a great line. I've seen some of them at the outlet. If you have one relatively closeby, I would check it out.
  5. the only thing that I'm hesitant about is I don't think any of the classics were lined. Not sure if I care enough about that though - maybe that's better for throwing pens in there.......
  6. Ha ha. I was wondering about that too!
  7. I have a vintage ;) Wiilis bag.

    I bought it in early 90s. It's not lined but I'm not sure if the new ones are or not. It's a beautiful bag...enjoy!
  8. The classics were not lined. It was the actual grain leather which I prefer personally (primarily because it took away from the worry about getting the lining dirty).

    I say get your Willis bag! I was at a conference last Tuesday and the speaker was carrying the black leather/silver Willis bag. I think they are always in style and fashionable.

    Hmmm, this thread makes me want to carry my Janice bag today (which I think is a great crossbody bag personally).
  9. i've also been eyeballing that one along with and the Legacy zip as well. I wonder if any SAs would let you order one with PCE as they don't carry them in the stores....
  10. I don't think that you are crazy at all, I have always wanted this day I am going to get the black with the nickel hardware. I love the classics, they are my all time favorite.

    I had the Rambler, but I wore that bag out! I finally had to sell it because it was so scuffed, but it was a great bag for 8 years!
  11. I just saw a british tan Willis at the mall last week. Get it!!! I've been carrying my classic black Court bag (my avatar) lately and I forgot how much I love it. They always comment on my bag when I go to Coach with a classic bag because they're not so common anymore. Also, you don't see fakes of these all over the place either. Good luck!!
  12. Yup I'm getting it! going to wait a week though & see if a pce card shows up for me. then I'll see if the store can order it with the discount - that'd be fab, although I think the price is still fab for what you get in comparison to a lot of what's out there now.

  13. They are really good prices on those items!
  14. ^^ yes and I know it'll last forever. I still have my 1st coach my mom bought me. Unlined - sort of double handle bucket style. It could almost pass for new & it's probably 15 yrs old. I can't part with it even though I hate it - won't stay on my shoulder, but the quality is fantastic!
  15. kbell, I know from the main forum that you were looking for a cross-body bag - are you concerned about size? You probably know this, but the Willis is a lot smaller than the Ani...but yes, the style is absolutely classic. I think the Willis is a beautiful, timeless bag!

    If you live near an outlet, you may want to call and see if they have the Willis in stock. I bought a Janice's Legacy and it was considerably cheaper than it would have been online - I can't really tell the difference in terms of quality vs. my old Station bag (from the 80s!). I know the Gilroy, CA outlet had a number of classic bags on may want to give them a call...