1. I been eyeing the Dior Gaucho Tote for my first Dior. I can't decide if it's a classic or not? What do you think? Thanks for you help!!
  2. Classic ! I bought this tote more than a year ago and i use it on daily basis ( i have two actually :shame: ). i think its handy and comfy and the design is unusual enough to give a twist to my all black clothes ...a boring handbag is the biggest sin IMHO ;)
  3. I personally like the Gaucho, but I think it's a style that will only last some years, it's not a classic as the saddle or the Lady Dior are IMHO
  4. It is a lovely bag.
  5. I'm debating selling mine because it's not practical for me. I'm a light traveler so my saddle is perfect for me.

    I would decide before you invest the money...I could do more now with that chunk of change I paid especially since I've only carried it a few times :push:

  6. Hello,

    Love it! :heart: Classic and very easy to carry (if you carry a lot of stuff with you). I actually have a couple of Dior Gaucho tote bags (the redish brown, the light brown, the dark brown and the winter white...whew). I love the tote over all of the other Gaucho style's (I also have a couple of Dior Gaucho Double bags within black and light brown, I have the Gaucho Mini and I have the Gaucho regular in winter white). Love the tote! Good luck!

    p.s. Just in case - Here are a couple of Gaucho guide' here (guide I) and click here (guide II). Happy New Year!:love:
  7. Love the gaucho style, too. SOOO distinctive.
    BB - PM'd you and emailed you the photo you requested.