Classic woc or charcoal metallic mini rectan?

  1. Hello, I'm chanel newbies!
    Just bought a classic woc which at first, I thought it was hard too find in the boutique and also very cute!
    Then SA, gave me a mini rectang in charcoal, I tried it on and left with my woc.
    After I backed home untill now, 1wk later I'm stil thinking abt mini rectan in charcoal hahaha
    I think maybe because of its color and it's seasonal.

    So may I asked for you guys opinion, should I kept my classic woc and waiting for mini rectan in the next season or lets go exchange then save money for a woc later?

    Thanks so muchhh
  2. My first Chanel purchase was a classic caviar WOC in black and at that time I also looked at the mini but ended up getting the WOC. I ended up not using my WOC much because I didn't like taking out everything in my wallet when I would use the WOC. And I wished I had bought the mini instead so I sold my WOC and bought a mini! I've had my mini for a couple of years now and I love it so much--- I use it regularly and don't ever see myself selling it!

    I just purchased a charcoal caviar cardholder and am waiting for it to arrive!!! I absolutely love the charcoal color--- it's so unique!!!!
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  3. For me mini over WOC. Show us whatever you decide on though :smile:
  4. Mini over WOC
  5. I love my woc but I prefer to use my minis. It is easier to switch to, without having to take out items from my wallet. The chain strap on woc is also too long for me (compared to my square minis, I don't have rect mini to compare to).
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  6. +1

    Minis can hold more and the chain isn't as long. I purchased 3 wocs before I bought my first mini and I rarely use them anymore. It's always great to have a woc in your collection though but I'd choose the mini over woc.
  7. Mini over woc. I like the looks of woc but every time I look at the interior layout I know it's not the right one for you. I think it depends on what you're intending to use it for.
  8. Definitely mini over woc no questions asked ,mini fits so much more and looks like an actual bag woc it's just what is call wallet on Chain also as investment piece mini holds value a lot better ,l love mine
  9. Charcoal caviar mini with ruthenium's hardware
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  10. Thanks ladies for all of your wonderful info!
    I think I found my true love IMG_1495372091.169890.jpg
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  11. Great choice! Enjoy her
  12. Gosh, how did you find this? I missed out on it so now waiting for the black caviar from Fall Act 1 to come in. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! I've just sold my classic black caviar woc simply because I didn't use it as much as my mini flap, so good move!
  13. Chanel boutique in my country, Thailand. Many minis over here but this is the last one in charcoal. The colour was just popped into my faceee.. Love at first sight!
  14. Very lucky! Enjoy, please post mod pics when you can!
  15. Congratulations she is a beauty
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