Classic WOC or Boy?

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  1. Hi,

    I want to get a WOC and can only find a Boy . Which version do you all like better, Boy or Classic?Thanks!!
  2. Need more details.
  3. It is black caviar/gold hard ware:smile:
  4. Okay, sure get it.
  5. Personally Boy because of the magnetic closure. But if you're ok with snap closure then go for the black caviar/gold hardware. That's a great find!
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  6. Hi, Do all boys have magnetic closures? I don't think it is magnetic
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  7. Ahh I forgot about that, not all boy WOC are magnetic but some are. The classics are all magnetic tho
  8. The classics aren't usually magnetic.
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  9. It depends which version of the boy. Do you have photos? Some are quilted some are chevron etc.
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  10. I wasn't thinking when I typed that, thanks for correcting me. classics don't come in magnetic.
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  11. lol no worries. I was thinking did something change recently and I missed it?!
  12. It is the the quilted version:smile:
  13. I don't think you could go wrong with either, it just depends of what style you personally like better. I have a mix of WOCs, including boy and classic styles, and I probably like those 2 styles almost equally- If I really had to pick one, though, I would probably go with the classic style just because I like that the logo is more discreet and I think it can be used for dressier occasions better.
  14. I prefer the classic quilted version because it looks more clean for a small bag (just quilts, no border, simple cc Logo). Although the snap button is not the easiest to close with one hand.
  15. I went back and forth on these two for a while and just bought the classic version yesteday. I like the look better - cleaner and a bit descrete. Same reason I didn't want to wait for the mini