Classic with an edge *Reveal*

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  1. First of all I would like to thank all the people that replied to all my questions :smile:

    And now let me present you my 1st (and probably last) Chanel!!

    A present for my 30th bday

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  2. And now....

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  3. gorgeous, congrats with your first chanel!
  4. Where did you find this? It's beautiful! I have never been able to see this IRL. Please tell us more! :loveeyes::loveeyes: How is the interior? Does it feel durable?
  5. Congrats on your first Chanel. It's gorgeous.
    I have also never seen, so indeed tell us more....
  6. Congratulations on a gorgeous bag!!!
  7. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! She is gorgeous! You made an excellent choice, enjoy!:woohoo:
  8. Stunning :smile:
  9. Oh my goodness... I am in love with your bag! It is like a cross between the Boy and the Classic Flap! What is the name of it and what is the retail price?
  10. Ditto- that is one gorgeous bag. What is the name please? Enjoy!
  11. Lovely bag! Looks so nice on you:smile: Do you know the name of the bag? And the Style #? Is it possible to post the tag? I would like to check if I can find it from Saks, NM or Chanel stores in US. Many thanks.:smile:
  12. Congrats on your beautiful chanel bag!
  13. Beautiful and unique bag!
  14. Hi, sorry I am out of home, thanks for all the congrats messages, the name is (I think) citizen zip and I payed 3250 € in Ireland

    I will take pictures of the inside when I will be home...
  15. Congrats and happy birthday. You chose a great first chanel.