classic wallet?

  1. hi. im looking for a wallet that looks kinda like the classic flap. its black quilted, with the cc logo on the seperate tab? lol. here is a pic from the refrence library.
    does anyone know its real name or have a pic of the inside? i hope it has the zipper in the front and the credit slots in the back...
  2. Too funny! Im looking for the exact same wallet as we speak. Im needing the info too lol.
  3. Here's what the box says:

    00v a31506y01480

    porte bil. mon


    Hope that helps! Last week at Bloomingdales NYC they still had it. GL
  4. Here's a pic of the inside.
  5. omg! thank you so much! do you love it? im glad u got it at discount.
  6. I saw this wallet at Saks BH. Ask for Bonnie she is so sweet.
  7. I had this wallet and sold it. One side is for CCs and cash, when you flip it over, it has another flap for coins. So cute! It's a really beautiful wallet, but I sold it because I have a lot of wallets and I prefer long wallets.
  8. Try Chanel in Chicago, they had alot of wallets today!