Classic wallet that will last a lifetime

  1. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of LV (tresor or PTI)...but are there other brands out there that are classic?
  2. hi :smile:
    mmm the sales assistant at Paul Smith told me their colorful multi colored stripes wallet is a Classic.. and i honostly believe that :love:
    i just bought one myself.. see my thread (back! with many happy colors) and you can check paul smith site.. they have a couple of photos you can enjoy viewing :suspiciou
    or you can go with an LV i am sure you cant go wrong then. But i was really aiming for a sporty kind of summery happy look;)
  3. I have my grandmom's Gucci wallet that is over 30 years old. I was so impressed with the design, quality and durability that I bought a Gucci wallet when I needed a bigger wallet.
  4. There was a post from another member that has a mono pti wallet that is 18yrs old.. It looks Wonderful!

    My pti wallet is 1912/ So that is Nov of 92 and it looks great!
  5. Gucci and Ferragamo make fabulous wallets.
  6. i'd say a LV or Gucci, that will last you forever, but also BV and Fendi(selleria) are very long lasting!
  7. I think LV is durable and will last a lifetime. So it is one of the classics
  8. If you want to look outside LV, I would suggest Mulberry. The leather is so durable and that would truly stand the test of time !
  9. I would say anything in the Monogram or Damier canvas by LV, Gucci would be a good choice too.
  10. Wow, you guys make it hard to make a purchase lol. My lv is 18 years old it does stand the test of time. But I love the others that have been mentioned too some are just so cute why go for longevity!
  11. I love Gucci wallets. Here is the one I am currently carrying.
  12. Thank you for all your suggestions...
    I love the LV wallets...but can I see myself spending $500 for a WALLET???? Gosh...decisions..decisions...
  13. Do you have any preference? LV only?
    I like leather wallets/purses with simple designs (not busy looking) and they must be without logos/monograms (Fendi/Gucci/LV). Ferragamo's leather wallets ($200-$300) are classic/timeless. My 8-year leather wallet from Cartier still looks new and holds up well.

    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Leather French Wallet ($290USD)
  14. Fabulous. Love that.
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