Classic Vs Seasonal

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  1. Hi fellow chanel fans, I was just wondering about what you guys thought about buying chanel classic versus a seasonal bag? I recently bought a seasonal piece whilst in Paris and was wondering if it was more worthwhile getting a classic. I have a GST and jumbo, so the reason I got a seasonal bag was because I wanted something non-structured and roomy. For one, I can tell after carrying the bag is that seasonal bags dont grab so much attention because it is less iconic of chanel, so for low-profile reasons, it is good...what is your say? :smile:
  2. I loveeee seasonal bags because they are more unique and not all my friends will have it... unlike the classic flaps, which ALL my friends have. I think a collection with a mix of both is perfect.. seasonal & classic.
  3. you are right! other than its less attention catching, you are also less likely to bump into someone carrying the same bag..i guess mix is good..hope this 'mixed' feelings I have about this seasonal bag will go away. right when I was feeling a tinge of regret at buying this seasonal piece...I saw my bag on display right at the front door and I thought it looked good. Suddenly, I was loving it again..haha.
  4. Armcandy15, I LOVE that bag in the middle of your picture (the two tone Chanel one). Can you tell me more about it? Thanks.
  5. I just bought the bag you have in the middle of your pic :biggrin: I LOVE seasonal bags more than the classic ones. Seasonal bags are pieces of art and so unique, I just can't resist buying one or two. I guess they can be timeless as well :biggrin:
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    Hi Dode yesterday, i managed to dump in 2 pairs of new shoes (without boxes) whilst shopping.a big shopping tote indeed. and they are so soft and unstructurered, i'd probably have been more uncomfortable had I gone shopping w my structured GST or jumbo hehehhe. so what colour did you get? :biggrin:

    hi TDTC, and that is the piece that I am having mixed feelings about. The whole avatar is my recent loot after a Paris trip. To date, I have seen 4 colour combi for this bag..I bought it for its versatility, it can be carried in 4 different styles, either on the arms or with it straps...and either just clipped flat or chained to give a smaller, rounder look..i chose brown because my two other classics are black..they should have the grey with grey as on the website, i've seen black and black with brown short strap and yesterday I saw black handle with black upper leather, and the bottom lamb was dark grey..i thought that actually looked good.more info on model here:,1,9,27

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  7. Beautiful! It comes in 2 sizes, right? Is this the bigger one or the smaller one?
  8. hi tdtc, not too sure if it comes in various sizes because i've only seen it in one size, but this is a big shopping tote..huge in the way, i just saw someone post light brown, tan colour..thus making it 5 versions so far..
  9. OP- I love this bag! I think you might regret it if you don't keep it! I think it is similar to the portobello (sorta). I love it!
  10. thanks babyon the way..yeap its kinda similar to the portobello, in fact...even aft purchasing this bag..i keep admiring when other tpfers post pictures of their portobello..hehe :P
  11. very nice, congrats. Does it hold as much as a GST?
  12. I love seasonal Chanel handbags... IMO seasonal handbags are unique and very special if you pick the "right" style..... I have good mixture of classic flaps & seasonal bags...

  13. Hi allbrandspls, thanks! it could probably hold almost double the load of a GST, as it is soft, unstructured and doesnt have a divider like the GST...I could put in a shopping bag consisting of 2 pairs of shoes w/o boxes, on top of my other regular items like, wallet, umbrella, make up pouch and a magazine..
  14. thanks for re-assurance tonkamama, come to think about it, there are some chanel seasonal bags that are really breathe-taking that I wish they will make a re-appearance..:smile:

  15. tdtc, got info from a fellow tpfer, she got the petite one, so yeap, there are two sizes. mine is the grande shopping tote, so mine is 30cm (so says the receipt)..hers is 2250euros and mine is 2450 euros.