Classic Veneta on Craigslist--Great price!

  1. Hmmm.... just a thought... I'll never photograph my bottegas on the floor. I take very good care of them and they are too precious to be left on the type of tiled floor in the photo, wonder if the bags are well taken care of.... I would ask for close ups on the condition of the bag if I'm interested. Just my thots, no offence to anyone.
  2. Photograghing on the floor does not give the buyer the best feeling...I have to agree with you. Why not put the bag on a chair or table? It does make me wonder a little on this one.
  3. Hello to all.

    This is my listing on Craigslist.
    I take excellent care of all my BV's. They are all stored in dustbags and ALL athentic.
    The bags in the photo are on a towel. I placed them on the floor in order to photograph them from above.
    After the photo session, they were returned promptly to their dusbags.
    I have never sold any of my bags online before, nor do I plan to make this a practice. I just decided to sell the ones I don't use much because I believe these beautiful bags should be carried proudly, not sit in the dark in a closet.